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Photos from ‘Peaked in High School’ in Colorado

Kassidy as Brandi, a former homecoming queen who is feeling despondent.

Hailey as Chloe, the former nerd who is now a geologist.

Katherine as Jimmy, the former homecoming king and star quarterback.

My 10-minute play PEAKED IN HIGH SCHOOL was produced December 10 at Adams State University in Colorado. In fact, I had two short plays produced at the school on that date as part of the same festival. Director Courtney Behil reports she had to make a casting change and wound up casting a woman in the role of Jimmy, the former homecoming king. Good for her. I love cross-gender casting.

Eleven years to the night after a high school homecoming, three former classmates meet by chance on a local Lover’s Leap. The homecoming queen is depressed and planning to kill herself. Poignant drama ensues. Cast: Three: Two female, one male.

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Photos from ‘Letters From the Mona Lisa’ in Colorado

Rehearsal. You can probably figure out who’s who.

My 10-minute play LETTERS FROM THE MONA LISA was produced December 10 at Adams State University in Colorado. Director Shawnea Giles shares these rehearsal photos.

The woman in the famous painting comes to life and speaks to a security guard at the Louvre museum. He persuades her to write a letter to one of her fans. Cast: Two to four, depending on which ending you choose. The basic cast is 1 male, 1 female, with the male envisioned as older and the female capable of portraying the Mona Lisa. Some of the optional endings add 1 female and 1 boy. Running time: 10 minutes.
* Produced by Jewel Box Theatre, Poulsbo, Washington, May 2016.
* Produced by Donna Scott Productions, Charlotte, North Carolina, August 2018.
* Produced by Adams State University, Alamosa, Colorado, December 2018.

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Photos from “Chef Pierre Does Not Do Simple” in New Jersey

My 10-minute play CHEF PIERRE DOES NOT DO SIMPLE was produced April 21-22 at Dover Little Theatre in Dover, New Jersey. Here are some photos.

Larry Pelham as Chef Pierre

Larry Pelham as Chef Pierre

Stephanie Knerr as TV Producer and Larry Pelham as Chef Pierre

Stephanie Knerr as TV Producer and Larry Pelham as Chef Pierre

This was the second production of that script. Here are some photos from the 2009 production at Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York.

So far in 2016:

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Video of “The Beautiful Ogre and Other Fairy Tales” in Indiana radio play

Here’s video of my ten-minute script THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES being done as a radio play before a live audience in Mitchell, Indiana on Feb. 5.

Another script of mine, CHICAGO DREAM, was also on the bill but the program ran long so the last four pieces were cut — one of which was CHICAGO DREAM. I’m told it’s likely to be on the bill for the May installment of “Hoosier Hometown Live.”

This was the sixth production of the script:

A father reads his daughter a fairy tale as a bedtime story — which the characters begin to act out. The girl doesn’t like how the story is going — no strong female role models, for instance — so she changes it all around. This is the result. Cast: Five — three males, two females. Running time: Eight minutes.
* Produced by the Paw Paw Village Players, Paw Paw, Michigan, Feb. 15-16, 22-23, 2008.
* Produced by Youth Education on Stage Summer Shorts, Williston, North Dakota, June 24-26, 2008.
* Produced by Subversive Theatre, Buffalo, N.Y., various nights between May 2-17, 2009.
* Produced by Play’n’Well Players, Plainview, Michigan, last weekend of May 2009.
* Produced by Jeonju Players, Jeonju, South Korea, December 2014
* Produced as script-in-hand radio play by Hoosier Hometown Live, Mitchell, Indiana, Feb. 5, 2016.

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Artistic director: ‘You are quite a talent!’

I recently received a very flattering rejection letter from an artistic director in a major U.S. city (major enough to have the quadfecta of sports teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL). Technically, it wasn’t a rejection letter. I’d received that earlier in the day from someone else at the theatre. But then, quite unexpectedly, I got this from the artistic director:

“You recently submitted a number of plays to our festival and I had the pleasure of reading some of them. I really enjoy your work. To be honest, each time I’d open up a play and see your name attached to it, I’d get excited. You are quite a talent! Although I won’t be directing anything for this year’s festival, I wanted you to know that if I had, I would’ve chosen your play Olga. It’s a great piece.”

The director went on to ask if she could share the script with a friend. Naturally, I said yes!

OLGA is a 10-minute play based on Olga Romanova, a civilian who came in off the street during the 2002 Moscow theatre siege — and wound up becoming the first victim. It had a staged reading in December in New York. That script is a spin-off from my full-length script about the Moscow theatre siege, 57 HOURS IN THE HOUSE OF CULTURE. More on that show here.

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Poster for staged reading of “Olga” in New York

Women History

Here’s the poster for the staged reading of my 10-minute play OLGA, which will be part of a festival of short plays about women in history in New York on Sunday, December 14.

The Olga in question is Olga Romanova, the first victim of the Moscow theatre seige in 2002. I have a full-length play about that event — 57 HOURS IN THE HOUSE OF CULTURE — which was staged in Roanoke in 2012 and has come oh-so-close to being staged at two other theatre since then. (Here’s a link to more about 57 HOURS.)

This 10-minute play is not a cutting, but a spin-off that focuses on one of those characters.

This festival is put on by the Mad & Merry Company, and will be at the IRT Theatre at 154 Christopher Street #3B in Manhattan (West Village, or thereabouts) on December 14. Showtime is 7 p.m. Admission is free, but $5 donation suggested.

I’m told that space is limited, so if you’re interested in going, please email to reserve a spot. Here’s some more on OLGA.

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Lake Players to produce one of my ten-minute plays March 28

The Lake Players — at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia — will include my script “God and the Devil Meet for a Business Lunch” in a night of ten-minute shows on March 28.

The director sends this word: “We had our first read thru on Monday and it got big laughs all around.”

God and the devil meet in an out-of-the-way lunch spot to discuss a business proposition: The devil thinks the Almighty should reimburse him for punishing the wicked. Comes in two versions, one 5 minutes, one 10 minutes. Cast: Three — 2 males, 1 female. Running time: Five minutes or ten minutes.

Here’s the audio from when Falcon Radio Theatre in Seattle produced this as a radio play in 2013, and video from when a troupe in Sacramento produced it in 2005.



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“This Town Ain’t Big Enough For the Both Of Us” at Lakeshore Players, Minnesota

An ordinary western. Or not.

What starts out as a comic western gunfight scene turns into . . . well, two gunslingers trying to match each other on how to make the town bigger. One pushes residential development, the other commercial development.

That’s “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For the Both Of Us,” which was produced by the Lakeshore Players in White Bear Lake, Minnesota as part of the group’s annual festival of 10-minute players. (Mine weighs in at about six or so.)

This was produced June 4-7, 2009.

Here are some more production photos, and a cast photo: Read the rest of this entry »

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