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List of 2023 productions

  1. June: REVENGE OF THE FAIRY QUEEN (full-length), Renaissance Theatre, Lynchburg.
  2. August 26-27: THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES and THAT PLAY ABOUT THE GURGLING MUD PIT (ten-minute), Griffin Theatre, Bear, Delaware.
  3. December: SVETLANA’S FIRST CHRISTMAS AWAY FROM HOME (one-act), Xenia Area Community Theatre, Xenia, Ohio.

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Video: ‘No Two Snowflakes’ in New York

My 10- minute play NO TWO SNOWFLAKES was produced in July-August 2021 at The Secret Theatre in New York. Fellow playwright Larry Rinkel graciously shot this video. The show was directed by Melissa Lewyn and starred Emma Sarah Davis as Veronica, Alex Hardin as the government agent and Cameron Reese as the mom. Earlier I posted this still photo of the cast and director.

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Video: ‘Free Popcorn’ in Houston

My one-minute play FREE POPCORN was produced in July in the GI60x Houston festival, part of the international Gone in 60 Seconds programming.

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‘No Two Snowflakes’ in New York festival

My 15-minute play NO TWO SNOWFLAKES is playing in the one-act festival at The Secret Theatre in Queens — from January 10 to August 6, with the potential to advance on to the semi-finals and finals.

From left: Director Melissa Lewyn, Emma Sarah Davis, me, Alex Hardin and Cameron Reese.

This is the second time I’ve had a show in that festival. I had THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET in 2019.

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‘The Other Side of Oz’ performed in Richmond

Chesterfield Children’s Theatre in Richmond staged “The Other Side of Oz” as a staged reading and the continued as a touring show in assisted living centers.

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Photos from ‘Shakespeare’s Lost Christmas Play’ in North Carolina

Christmas keeps coming! Here are photos from ‘Shakespeare’s Lost Christmas Play’ by Players of the Bard, Youngsville, North Carolina in December 2021.

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Video: ‘Shakespeare’s Lost Christmas Play’ in Minnesota

Pine Island High School in Pine Island, Minnesota produced SHAKESPEARE’S LOST CHRISTMAS PLAY in December 2021. Here it is:


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List of 2022 productions

  1. Jan. 7: THE ONE-WORD MACBETH: Lansing High School, Lansing, Kansas.
  2. Feb TBA: THE SKY IS FALLING (ten-minute play, performed as part of forensic competition), Pender Public Schools, Pender, Nebraska.
  3. Feb. TBA: THE CONTACT LENS (ten-minute play, performed as part of forensic competition), Pender Public Schools, Pender, Nebraska.
  4. March 25, 26, 27: THE SECRET LIFE OF PHONES (ten-minute play), Ghostlight Theatre, Brentwood, California.
  5. March 30: THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES (ten-minute play), Summit Academy, Xenia, Ohio
  6. Early 2022: THE OTHER SIDE OF OZ (full-length), staged reading by Chesterfield Children’s Theatre, Richmond, Virginia
  7. April 1: HIT THE BOOKS (one-act), Green Valley High School, Henderson, Nevada.
  8. April 22: REVENGE OF THE FAIRY QUEEN (full-length) staged reading by group of actors in Northern Virginia.
  9. April 24: NO TWO SNOWFLAKES (ten-minute play), staged reading in Voices of the Earth Festival, Bemidji State University, Bemidji, Minnesota.
  10. May: THE CONTACT LENS (ten-minute play), North Hunterdon High School, Annandale, New Jersey.
  11. May: MODERN MISS MUFFETT (five-minute play), North Hunterdon High School, Annandale, New Jersey.
  12. May: THROW THE LITTLE ONES BACK (five-minute play), North Hunterdon High School, Annandale, New Jersey.
  13. June 10 or 17: THE PICTURE WINDOW (ten-minute play), Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop, Monticello, New York.
  14. July 7-8: FREE POPCORN (one-minute play), Gone in 60 Seconds Festival, Houston, Texas.
  15. July-August: NO TWO SNOWFLAKES (ten-minute play), The Secret Theatre, New York, New York.
  16. Sept. 13: MAC AND BETH (one-act), Garland High School Theatre, Garland, Texas.
  17. Oct. 15: CODE 40 VERONA (one-act), Oconto Falls High School, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin.
  18. Nov. 3: MAC AND BETH (one-act), Gackle-Streeter Public School, Gackle, North Dakota.
  19. Nov. 18-19: THE CONTACT LENS (ten-minute play), Dixon Middle School, Eaton, Ohio
  20. Nov. 29: THE FRUITCAKE (one-act), Providence Day School, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  21. Dec. 8-10: CHRISTMAS MUSIC (one-minute play), Linden Grove Theatre, Dallas, Texas.
  22. Dec. 16: THE GHOST LAMP (one-minute plays), Modern Classics Theatre Company of Long Island, New York
  23. Dec. 16: THE CHRISTMAS SPIDER (one-act), Rappahannock Middle School, Rappahannock County, Virginia
  24. Dec. 19-20: THE GIRL WHO MADE EMUS BELIEVE THEY COULD FLY ON CHRISTMAS (one-act), Cox Mill High School, Concord, North Carolina.
  25. December: THE CHRISTMAS GOAT (five-minute play), Open Door Playhouse, Los Angeles, California
  26. December: LET THERE BE LIGHTS! (one-act), Chance 2 Dance, Maitland, Florida
  27. December: SANTA CLAUSTROPHOBIA (one-act), Kat Studios, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  28. December: SHAKESPEARE’S LOST CHRISTMAS PLAY (long one-act), Shakespeare in Delaware Park, Buffalo, New York

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Video: ‘Shakespeare’s Lost Christmas Play’ from four different continents

The New Jersey-based Zenith Players did an online reading of SHAKESPEARE’S LOST CHRISTMAS PLAY, with actors from four different continents — the United States in North America, The Netherlands in Europe, Colombia in South America and Australia in, well, Australia.

The cast:

Steve Anderson as ERASMUS
Caitlin Jurewicz as ANN
Andrea Atwood as THOMASINA
Patrick Brockway as BARTHOLOMEW
Tatanya Löwed-Spence as SUSAN
Tricia Pisarra as EMMA
Claire Bochenek/Mira Singer as TOBY
Emily Brennan as OLIVIA
Joshua Boyer as ROGER

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‘Let There Be Lights!’ and ‘Santa in the Off-Season’ in San Jose

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. library in San Jose, California has its own theatre program for kids. On December 17, the library produced, virtually, two of my short scripts — the five-minute SANTA IN THE OFF-SEASON and the one-act LET THERE BE LIGHTS!

Here are some photos and the program:

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