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More photos from Overnight Sensations 2018

Here are some more photos — from other photographers — from Overnight Sensations 2018 and, in particular, my piece THE DENMARK COUNTY BARBERSHOP QUARTET PRESENTS . . . .

The Denmark County Barbershop Quartet. Photo by Dan Smith.

Reilly Lincavicks with the skull of Yorick. Photo by Todd Ristau.

Michael Mansfield directs the quartet. Photo by Dan Smith.

The big finish. Photo by Dan Smith.

More photos below:

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Photos and videos from “The Denmark County Barbershop Quartet Presents . . .”

My 7th 24-hour play festival with Mill Mountain Theatre and the Hollins University Playwrights’ Lab resulted in THE DENMARK COUNTY BARBERSHOP QUARTET PRESENTS . . . in which a ragtag barbershop quartet presents Hamlet to the tune of “In the Good Old Summertime.”

From left: Ally Thomas, J.P. Powell, Reilly Lincavicks, Bob Moss, me (kneeling), Erica Muyst, Chris Shepard and Michael Mansfield.

Below is rehearsal video from a short song about the Hindenburg, followed by the big finish about Hamlet.


* How the process unfolds

* Rehearsal photos

* Lots more photos here.

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Rehearsal for Overnight Sensations 2018

So, here’s how rehearsal for this year’s 24-hour play project at Mill Mountain Theatre played out.

Saturday, 8 a.m. The writers and directors meet in the green room at Mill Mountain Theatre. My director, Bob Moss, is at right.

With six shows, rehearsal space is at a premium. Our group gathered in the Harrison Museum of African-American History. From left: Michael Mansfield, director Bob Moss, Chris Shepard, J.P. Powell, Ally Thomas, Erica Muyst and Reilly Lincavicks.

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My 7th 24-hour play festival

For the 7th time, I was a writer in OVERNIGHT SENSATIONS, the annual 24-hour play project sponsored by Mill Mountain Theatre and the Hollins University Playwrights’ Lab. I’ve been invited a few other times but had schedule conflicts.

Here are some photos to show how the process unfolds.

First, the gear. I always wear the jester’s hat. This year, I added two hats I picked up on my April trip to Australia.

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Nine short plays produced in Maryland

“A Vampire Soap Opera”

“A Vampire Soap Opera”

“Damsel Not in Distress”

“Damsel Not in Distress”

Radcliffe Creek School in Chestertown, Maryland produced nine of my short plays in May — two ten-minute scripts and seven that run about five minutes. Of note: One of those 10-minute plays is “A Vampire Soap Opera,” which I wrote in 2010 as part of the annual 24-hour play festival Overnight Sensations in Roanoke, Virginia produced by Hollins University and Mill Mountain Theatre. I’ve participated in maybe a half dozen of those festivals; each time I try to write a script that I think will have a life beyond that particular festival. This, though, is the first time I’ve actually had one of those scripts go on to a second life.

More photos below.

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“Sometimes Elephants Die Standing Up” in Peeskill, New York

Peeskill High School in Peeskill, New York produced my 10-minute play SOMETIMES ELEPHANTS DIE STANDING UP on June 4, 2018. Terry Sandler shares these photos.

Two circus workers try to monetize a dead elephant.

Hilarity ensues.

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Video from the 2017 Gone in 60 Seconds Festival, the UK edition

I had three pieces in the 2017 edition of the Gone in 60 Seconds Festival of one-minute plays in Leeds, Great Britain: TWO SQUIRRELS ON A POWERLINE, NOBODY EVER ASKS ME and THE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT.

Here, at last, is the video from that show.

You can find photos from my three pieces here.

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