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Photo from ‘The Ring’ in Geneva, New York

Staged reading of THE RING

Here’s a photo of the staged reading of my one-act THE RING at Geneva Theatre Guild in Geneva, New York in April 2019. That same script is also having a staged reading in Louisiana in both April and May.

Sixty years after a close call in a state championship girls basketball game, the star of the losing team still can’t reconcile herself to losing — so she breaks into the home of the star player on the winning team, hoping to steal her championship ring. A poignant story about regrets and sportsmanship. Cast: Two senior females.
* Produced by Haylofters, Burlington, Wisconsin, May 2014; took second place in audience vote at one-act festival.
* Staged reading by Readers Repertory Theatre at San Pedro, Los Angeles, February 2015.
* Staged reading by Geneva Theatre Guild, Geneva, New York, April 26-28, 2019.
* Staged reading by The Itinerant Theatre, Lake Charles, Louisiana, April 27-28, May 3-4, May 24-26, 2019.



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Rehearsal photos from ‘Veronica’s Dolls’ in Texas

Paris Junior College in Paris, Texas is producing my short one-act VERONICA’S DOLLS, along with five other scripts of mine (!). VERONICA’S DOLLS involves some dolls coming to life to rescue their now-teenage owner, who has overdosed in a suicide attempt. One of the dolls uses the girl’s cellphone to call 911. If you’re using humans to play dolls, then you need a phone scaled accordingly. And director Lisa Martin has created one!

The phone!

The toy box!

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Poster for ‘The Ring’ in New York

Top billing!

My one-act THE RING will have a staged reading April 26-28, 2019 at the Geneva Theatre Guild in Geneva, New York. Here’s the poster. Top billing!


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Poster for ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ in Ohio

My one-act CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT is being produced in May at Xenia Academy in Summit, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. Here’s the poster.

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Review: ‘Veronica’s Dolls’ called ‘most innovative and creative’

The staged reading for Veronica’s Dolls. Photo courtesy of Anthony J. Piccione

My short one-act VERONICA’S DOLLS was performed as a staged reading on March 10 in New York at the Dramatist’s Guild Theatre as part of a festival of short plays about mental health that was produced by Piccione Arts. The event got a nice review in Five-Star Arts Journal.

Here’s what it said about VERONICA’S DOLLS:

“Veronica’s Dolls” A teenagers dolls come to life in a desperate effort to save her life after she attempts suicide. Starring, LOUISE HELLER, EMMA ROMEO, NICK CAPRIOTTI, GEMIA FOO, TRAVIS MARTIN. “Veronica’s Dolls” was most innovative and creative what with its conveyance of human feelings vis-a-vis inanimate objects. This piece happily was reminiscent of the popular Twilight Zone episode: “Five Characters in Search of an Exit”. EMMA ROMEO gave a nice characterization while NICK CAPRIOTTI was well in command of his lines and performance.

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Rehearsal photos from ‘The One-Word Odyssey’

Director Tyler Olsen-Highness shares these rehearsal photos from THE ONE-WORD ODYSSEY at Great River School in St. Paul, Minnesota. The show was supposed to be Feb. 1-2 but the polar vortex has pushed it to Feb. 8-9.

Odysseus himself?

Holding up the storm.

Something’s happening here but I don’t know what it is.

And then there’s this.

The story of the Odyssey, more or less, in which each line consists of just a single word. Ideal for a class project. Includes monsters and a talking hamburger. Cast: As few as 18 — 9 males, 3 females, 6 non-gender — or as many as 33 — 17 males, 7 females, 9 non-gender. Running time: One hour.

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Photos from ‘On The Thirteenth Day of Christmas’ in Colorado

Fountain Community Theater in Fountain, Colorado produced my full-length script ON THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS in December 2018. Here are some photos.

Rehearsal shot.

Newspaper coverage.


* 2015: First Avenue Playhouse, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey: Photos and video here.
* 2013: Santiam High School, Mill Creek, Oregon. Photo here and praise for the show here.

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