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Photo from ‘Troubleshooting’ in Florida

A technical support play.

The poster.

South Walton High School in South Walton, Florida produced three of my ten-minute plays as part of an eight-play festival: THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET, THERE’S A REASON THEY CALL IT FALLING and TROUBLESHOOTING. Here’s a copy of the poster, and a scene from TROUBLESHOOTING, courtesy of director Carissa Groves.


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Another photo from ‘Four Horsemen of the Internet’ in New York

Back row, from left: War, Death, Ghosting, Trolling, Pestilence. Front row: Deletion, Viral, director Leslie Kincaid Burby, Famine

Here’s a photo of the cast and director of my 10-minute play THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET, now in a festival at The Secret Theatre in New York

* More photos here and here.


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More photos from ‘The Four Horsemen of the Internet’ in New York

My ten-minute play THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET has hit the stage at The Secret Theatre in New York, part of a month-long festival that is set up March Madness-style with audience voting. Each show is guaranteed four performances in hits bracket — then we find out who advances. As you can see from these photos, director Leslie Kincaid Burby has done a bang-up job.

War, Pestilence, Famine and Death.

Ghosting, Deletion, Trolling with Viral on the floor.

Audience member Robert Blumenfeld posted on Facebook: “Your play is fantastic — so original and innovative and witty and hilarious. My very dear friends the Burbys’ contributions were amazing: Leslie Kincaid Burby’s direction was brilliant, and all the performances were really great. Henry Burby [Trolling] was vicous and extraordinary, Joe Burby [War] perfect and frighteningly bellicose and Adam Burby [Viral] delightfully humorous, sprightly and athletic. Bravissimo, signore!”

He went on to add:”An evening of one-acters by you would be fantastic.” I agree!

More spectacular photos below. Read the rest of this entry »


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‘The Four Horsemen of the Internet’ in rehearsal in New York

My 10-minute play THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET will open at The Secret Theatre in New York on Jan. 25, part of a competition festival that runs through February and culminates with an audience vote of winners in early March. Director Leslie Kincaid Burby shares these rehearsal photos. Our four guaranteed dates: Jan. 25., Feb. 2, Feb. 12, Feb. 20. The rest depend on whether we advance in the voting.

The cast from left to right: Henry Burby (Trolling) Joe Burby (War), Lucy McMichael (Death), Adam Burby (Viral), Emma Mueller (Ghosting), Richard Grunn (Famine), Kimberley Reisner Windbiel (Plague) and Kevin Stafford (Deletion).

The four horsemen of the apocalypse, before they get replaced.

More photos below: Read the rest of this entry »


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Praise for The American Experiment’ from a New York theatre

This came in the form of a rejection notice, but a very happy one, from a New York theatre:

“We so appreciated its arresting theatrical premise, thoughtful character work, and head-on engagement with urgent contemporary crises.”

Ultimately, though, THE AMERICAN EXPERIMENT was deemed not the right fit for that particular company. It happens. But the company didn’t need to say anything, much less such nice words.


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Praise for ‘The Christmas Goat’ from a UK producer

The Ambassadors, a theatre company in London, included my 10-minute play THE CHRISTMAS GOAT as a staged reading in its December event at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London. Producer Graham Hill sends these kind words:

“So many people came up to me afterwards and commented on how much they’d enjoyed the piece and how funny and engaging your writing was. The thing I personally love about your writing is that you don’t approach ideas and themes from the obvious angle and I think this is what hooks the audience so quickly.”


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Photos from reading of ‘Extracted’ in New York

Equity Library Theater of New York hosted a reading of my full-length play EXTRACTED in New York on Nov. 16. The reading was directed by Alexandra Scordato. Actor Paul Weissman paid me what I thought was the ultimate compliment: When he met me, he said he was surprised. He said he assumed that, based on the hip dialogue, the writer was in his early 30s. I’ll take that anyday! Next up: Revisions!

For more photos, see here.

it was hard to get the whole cast in the same photo. From left: Erika DeGraff (Myth America); Esh Red (Dominique; she’s seated so hard to see here), Victoria Marliny (Esmerelda), Amina Theis (Sam), Kimberly Rios (Libby), Matt McGlade (Joe), Paul Weissman (Gordon), Brandon Bogle (Tiny).

Here’s a better view of Esh Red, who played Dominique. She’s at left, casting an eye on Sam and Libby.

More photos (and commentary) below: Read the rest of this entry »

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