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Photos from ‘Let There Be Lights!’ in Pennylsvania

Otto-Eldred High School in Duke Center, Pennsylvania produced my one-act LET THERE BE LIGHTS! on December 19, 2018. Director Megan Walck shares these photos. For more photos, see here. You can see the show poster here.


Another scene.


Curtain call.


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Photos from ‘The Christmas Spiders’ in Oklahoma


Varnum High School in Seminole Oklahoma produced my one-act THE CHRISTMAS SPIDERS on December 14, 2018. Director Holly Dunagan shares these photos.

More spiders!

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Photos from ‘Peaked in High School’ in Colorado

Kassidy as Brandi, a former homecoming queen who is feeling despondent.

Hailey as Chloe, the former nerd who is now a geologist.

Katherine as Jimmy, the former homecoming king and star quarterback.

My 10-minute play PEAKED IN HIGH SCHOOL was produced December 10 at Adams State University in Colorado. In fact, I had two short plays produced at the school on that date as part of the same festival. Director Courtney Behil reports she had to make a casting change and wound up casting a woman in the role of Jimmy, the former homecoming king. Good for her. I love cross-gender casting.

Eleven years to the night after a high school homecoming, three former classmates meet by chance on a local Lover’s Leap. The homecoming queen is depressed and planning to kill herself. Poignant drama ensues. Cast: Three: Two female, one male.

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Photos from ‘Letters From the Mona Lisa’ in Colorado

Rehearsal. You can probably figure out who’s who.

My 10-minute play LETTERS FROM THE MONA LISA was produced December 10 at Adams State University in Colorado. Director Shawnea Giles shares these rehearsal photos.

The woman in the famous painting comes to life and speaks to a security guard at the Louvre museum. He persuades her to write a letter to one of her fans. Cast: Two to four, depending on which ending you choose. The basic cast is 1 male, 1 female, with the male envisioned as older and the female capable of portraying the Mona Lisa. Some of the optional endings add 1 female and 1 boy. Running time: 10 minutes.
* Produced by Jewel Box Theatre, Poulsbo, Washington, May 2016.
* Produced by Donna Scott Productions, Charlotte, North Carolina, August 2018.
* Produced by Adams State University, Alamosa, Colorado, December 2018.

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Review for ‘Moon Over Manitoba’

Here’s a review posted on the New Play Exchange about my play MOON OVER MANITOBA:

“A lovely, lively adventure between two strong young women, one from Honduras, one from Canada, who make their way out of Texas north to avoid ICE and seek shelter in Winnipeg. Yancey, always so good in everything he writes, here does a masterful job of telling a full, epic story with just two performers and a hockey stick. Veronica and Isabella are characters we root for, want to protect and will follow no matter where or how far they go. In Yancey’s capable hands, they’re strong, smart … and still just teenagers fumbling their way to safety. Spectacularly well done.”
— Matthew Weaver

A play about immigration, with a cast of two teen-age girls. Veronica is a teenager from Canada, whose father’s job has taken the family to Texas. She’s homesick for Manitoba. She meets Isabella, who turns out to have arrived recently, and illegally, from Honduras after a harrowing trip from Central America. The two girls know no one else and strike up a tentative friendship. When Isabella’s cousin, with whom she’s living, is arrested by immigration agents, Isabella flees to Veronica’s house. Veronica impetuously decides they should run away to Canada, which Veronica is sure will accept Isabella. That’s Act 1. Act 2 is their trip north, which is full of danger and unexpected developments. Cast: Two teenage girls, one Latina.

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Review for ‘The One-Word Odyssey’

Here’s a review posted on the New Play Exchange about my play THE ONE-WORD ODYSSEY:

“A truly epic feat, slimming THE ODYSSEY down so that each line of dialogue is a single word. A marvelous read, a good way to convey the story and an interesting adventure, told with style and natural humor which embraces the conceit and delivery. A pleasure to read, would be a joy to watch unfold on stage. I particularly liked the members of the Greek Chorus electing to skip Aeolus’ island because it’s boring, but still have the secret bag on Ulysses’ ship. Thoroughly enjoyable.”
— Matthew Weaver

The story of the Odyssey, more or less, in which each line consists of just a single word. Ideal for a class project. Includes monsters and a talking hamburger. Cast: As few as 18 — 9 males, 3 females, 6 non-gender — or as many as 33 — 17 males, 7 females, 9 non-gender. Running time: One hour.

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Review for ’57 Hours in the House of Culture’

Here’s a nice review of my play 57 HOURS ON THE HOUSE OF CULTURE that’s been posted on the New Play Exchange:

“This is probably my favorite Yancey play. High stakes, rich characters, an immersive theatre environment — what’s not to like? You certainly don’t need to know recent Russian history to appreciate this effort. Be sure to give it a look.”
— Kenley Smith

An audience once died simply for its love of theatre. This is a dark play that re-imagines the 2002 Moscow theatre siege, where Chechen terrorists seized a theatre and held hundreds hostage until Russian authorities gassed everyone. Audience members are held in the lobby, while “soldiers” guard the doors. At showtime, the doors open and patrons enter to find the theatre swirling with poison gas (presumably, you’ll use dry ice), seats overturned, and dead bodies strewn about, while a broadcast announcement plays about the end of the hostage drama. When everyone is seated, the dead bodies come to life, as theatre ghosts, re-telling the tale. Cast: This has been done with as few as nine. Eight main cast members — two male, four female, two non-gender — plus two male soldiers – plus five to seven audience members who are enlisted. And some voices, which can be recorded. Running time: One and a half, no intermission.
* Produced by Studio Roanoke, Roanoke, Va., May 16-27, 2012.
* Staged reading at Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia, March 19, 2016.

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