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What people say about my work

Here’s an updated list of some of the critical feedback I’ve gotten about my work — from critics, directors, and audience members on three different continents.

“I laughed so much I was sore the next day.” That’s what one patron in New Jersey had to say.

“One of the most hilarious shows we’ve done.” That’s from the director at a theatre in Ohio that produced one of my scripts.

“All-around brilliance . . . Dwayne Yancey wrote a genuinely witty and sharp script.” That’s what a theatre critic in Great Britain had to say about one of my shows.

“Blood-curdlingly amazing.” That’s what one critic in Australia had to say of a show I had there.

“Beautifully structured, fascinating, and vaguely dangerous.” That’s how one New York actor described my work.

“To be honest, each time I’d open up a play and see your name attached to it, I’d get excited. You are quite a talent.” That’s what the director of a play festival in Michigan had to say.

“Zombie Christmas was an audience favorite! Your sense of humor is deadly (if I may), and people were laughing out loud at all the right spots.” That’s what the director of a play festival in Illinois had to say about my short Christmas play “A Zombie Christmas.”

“It was heartbreaking . . . I was crying through most of the show. It absolutely is a compliment that I found it heartbreaking . . . People must be carefully guided to open their hearts to new ideas. And I think your scripts do that.” That’s what an audience member in Ohio had to say about one of my dramas.

“So many of the things in this are really wonderful . . . and the audience is laughing . . . This afternoon is our last performance but I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy you wrote such a fun, relatable piece to perform.” That’s what an actress in New Jersey had to say about “Catch of the Day.”

“Loved ‘The Recruiter.’ It was a very thoughtful piece and I’m glad we were able to include it.” That’s what a producer in Houston had to say about one of my short pieces.

“It’s a brilliant script.”
That’s what a director in the United Kingdom had to say.

“Your play was my favorite.” That’s what an audience member who saw my work in a 10-minute play festival posted.

“Your piece is stunning.” — producer of “The Cellphones of the Dead” In Washington

“I had multiple people approach me after and say how moved they were by your play.” — producer of “The Cellphones of the Dead” In Washington

It’s one of the more moving pieces for me”— actor in producer of “The Cellphones of the Dead” In Washington


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Review: “Red Moon Rising in the East” at The Playground, Duluth

Here’s a review of my one-man show “Red Moon Rising in The East,” which played at The Playground in Duluth, Minnesota in November 2010.

Oevre magazine in Duluth said:

Chris Nollet takes the stage in this tour-de-force one man show about Sergei Korolev, a virtual unknown in the West. But, we learn through Nollet’s masterful storytelling, that Korolev began the space race with the shot heard ’round the world: the development and launching of Sputnik.

There isn’t a moment to spare on stage in the retelling of Korolev’s precarious and deft handling of not only the Soviet Union’s space program, but also his manipulation of the Soviet power structure to get the money he needed to build his rockets. Through strategic uses of humor, some self-deprecating, which is a pleasing facet of Nollet’s acting talent, Yancey’s script takes life to educate theatre audiences about the strange bedfellows Korolev must entertain, flatter, cajole, and challenge to get what he wants: a rocket powerful enough to get to the Moon.

And also:

Odds are, if you’re not a self-avowed space geek like Chris Nollet, you may not have ever heard of this show. You can cross it off your “to-see” list of obscure stage shows now, because Red Moon Rising in the East is required course material in the space race and in a well-done one-man show.

I have photos from the Duluth production here.

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