Review: “Red Moon Rising in the East” at The Playground, Duluth

Here’s a review of my one-man show “Red Moon Rising in The East,” which played at The Playground in Duluth, Minnesota in November 2010.

Oevre magazine in Duluth said:

Chris Nollet takes the stage in this tour-de-force one man show about Sergei Korolev, a virtual unknown in the West. But, we learn through Nollet’s masterful storytelling, that Korolev began the space race with the shot heard ’round the world: the development and launching of Sputnik.

There isn’t a moment to spare on stage in the retelling of Korolev’s precarious and deft handling of not only the Soviet Union’s space program, but also his manipulation of the Soviet power structure to get the money he needed to build his rockets. Through strategic uses of humor, some self-deprecating, which is a pleasing facet of Nollet’s acting talent, Yancey’s script takes life to educate theatre audiences about the strange bedfellows Korolev must entertain, flatter, cajole, and challenge to get what he wants: a rocket powerful enough to get to the Moon.

And also:

Odds are, if you’re not a self-avowed space geek like Chris Nollet, you may not have ever heard of this show. You can cross it off your “to-see” list of obscure stage shows now, because Red Moon Rising in the East is required course material in the space race and in a well-done one-man show.

I have photos from the Duluth production here.


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