List of 2018 productions

Here’s what I’ve already got booked for 2018:

* Spring TBA: THE MONKEY AT THE WEDDING (one-act), Red River Revue, Clarksville, Texas
* Fall TBA: STRANGE VEGETABLES (one-act), Red River Revue, Clarksville, Texas
* Dec. 7-8, 13-15: ON THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS (full-length), Fountain Theater, Fountain, Colorado.

List of 2017 productions
List of 2016 productions
List of 2015 productions



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Photos from “A Chicken Walked Into A Bar” in Ohio

The chicken.

The West Grandview Fringe Festival in Columbus, Ohio produced two of my short pieces in August 2017: MORAL COMPASS and A CHICKEN WALKED INTO A BAR . . .

You can guess which one these photos are from.

Yep, that’s a chicken.

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“Death By Poinsettia” wins awards at Maryland festival

My play DEATH BY POINSETTIA won two awards at the annual Silver Spring Stage one-act festival in Silver Spring, Maryland.

It was one of two scripts honored for “outstanding ensemble.” I’m not sure if that means they tied for first or if there were an unlimited number of awards available. In any case, two productions got that award — one was mine, the other was A WOMB WITH A VIEW by Rich Orloff.

The show also was third runner-up for “outstanding production.”

There were 14 shows in the festival.

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Photos from “Death by Poinsettia” in Maryland

Silver Spring Stage in Silver Spring, Maryland (Washington suburbs) produced my one-act DEATH BY POINSETTIA August 18-20. Here are some photos.

A lonely woman tries to commit suicide at Christmas by eating a poinsettia, and broadcasting it via webcam.

She invited all her co-workers to a party, knowing they wouldn’t show up. But the nerdiest one did. He also knows something she doesn’t: Poinsettias aren’t really poisonous.

He also brought mistletoe. Love happens, reluctantly.

Theatre is that-a-way.

This was the third production of the script.

A lonely woman tries to kill herself at Christmas by eating a poinsettia, convinced the plant is poisonous. It’s not, though. A male co-worker shows up and a touching scene ensues. Cast: Two – one male, one female.
* Produced at Studio C, Hollywood, California, December 2015.
* Produced by Artists Exchange, Cranston, Rhode Island, August 2016.
* Produced by Silver Spring Stage, Silver Spring, Maryland, August 2017.

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Photos from “Black Market Bombs” in India

G.D. Birla Memorial School in Ranikhet, Amora, Uttarkhand, India produced three of my short plays June 29-30: THE FERRYMAN’S APPRENTICE, COPIER DEMON and BLACK MARKET BOMBS. Here are photos from BLACK MARKET BOMBS, which traces the path of a small nuclear weapon from Russia into the hands of a terrorist.

The businessman.

The middlemen.

Awesome fake tattoes!

More photos here.


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Photos from “It’s Real To Me” in New Jersey

Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, New Jersey produced by one-act IT’S REAL TO ME June 1-4, 2017.

A doctor figures out a way to transplant memories with troublesome results.

The doctor comforts his daughter, who had a bad experience, which he transplanted into someone else’s brain.

Not everything goes well.

Curtain call.

You can find more photos here.

A doctor devises a way to transplant memories from one person to another. It’s a form of therapy, a way to give one person’s surplus happy memories to those who have suffer from depression or some traumatic incident. But when one woman gets a memory transplant to overcome her depression, something goes wrong. She wakes up with a memory of killing someone. It’s a repressed memory that the donor had given away. A dark, serious piece. Cast: Nine: Four female, one male, four non-gender. With option of adding a tenth, non-gender, character with two lines. Running time: 30 minutes.
* Produced at Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, New Jersey, June 1-4, 2017.

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Photos from a show that never was

Glasstown Players in Wallaceburg, Ontario was supposed to produce my one-act THE RULES ARE THE RULES ARE THE RULES in June 2017. The group rehearsed the show, but then the show was postponed indefinitely, for reasons I’ve yet to learn. However, the players did send me these rehearsal photos.

An airplane passenger appears to be dead, and flight attendants try to figure out what to do with the body.

You can find more awesome photos here.

This would have been the second production of the script. Instead, Pop Culture Theatre in Melbourne, Australia got that honor. Maybe this will be the third.

A farce set on an airplane. A male passenger has apparently died, and the flight attendants carry him up to first class, telling other passengers he’s simply drunk. The chief flight attendant, though, insists they go by the book and perform CPR and mouth-to-mouth on the hapless victim until the plane lands. The other flight attendants devise ways to skirt those rules, with increasing hilarity. That hilarity hits its peak when it turns out the man isn’t dead, after all. Cast: Five — four female, one male. Running time: Thirty minutes.
* Produced by the Castle Players, Lytchett Matravers Village Hall, near Poole, England. Feb. 18-29, 2011.
* Produced by Pop Culture Theatre, Melbourne, Australia, July-September, 2017.

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