“Putting The Fair In The Tooth Fairy” in Houston

Annie Wild as the key and Ty K. Fisher as the tooth fairy.

My short script PUTTING THE FAIR IN THE TOOTH FAIRY is in the annual Cone Man Running Festival at the Beacon Theatre in Houston. Here’s what it looks like.

A child who has just lost a tooth confronts the tooth fairy with a baseball bat — and finds the tooth fairy is a large, hairy man. The child wonders why he hasn’t gotten as much money for his teeth as other kids have. Cast: Three — 1 male, 1 female, 1 child. Running time: Five minutes.
* Staged reading at No Shame Theatre at Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke, Va. , November 2005.
* Staged reading at Attic Productions New Year’s Eve Party, Fincastle, Va., December 2005.
* Staged reading at The Best of No Shame Theatre at Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke, Va., March 2006.
* Produced by North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe, San Diego, California, October 2006.
* Performed at Kevin Jones Performing Arts Studio summer acting camp showcase, Roanoke, Va. July 14, 2007.


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My first international production of a full-length script

Some of the artwork that will promote the show.

I’ve had seven full-length scripts produced in the United States. And I’ve had many shorter scripts produced around the world — Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea. But I’ve never had a full-length script produced outside the United States. Until now. Or, more accurately, April 2018. That’s when the Burwood Student Theatre Company of Deakin University of Melbourne, Australia will produced THIS ROSE HAS THORNS — which, incidentally, will be the world premiere of that particular script.

I’m still waiting the exact production dates, but the show is a go. It will be directed by John Jennings, who is also the artistic director of Pop Culture Theatre, the Melbourne theatre that has produced two of my one-acts in the annual Victorian Drama League competition — THE ONE-WORD MACBETH in 2015 and THE RULES ARE THE RULES ARE THE RULES in 2017. (Video of the former show here. Photos from the latter here.)

John has some great ideas for the show — which he calls a “comedic masterpiece.” He says of this show: “Think Shakespeare meets The Play The Goes Wrong meets Black Adder meets Game of Thrones!”

A parody of some common Shakespeare themes, with good stage combat roles for women and girls. The daughters of a lord receive letters from their boyfriends, informing them that they have been imprisoned in the Tower of London and expect to be executed. The two girls do what seems only natural to them; they dress up as men and set off to London to rescue them – not realizing that the boyfriends intended these as break-up letters. Comedy ensues. Cast: 13 – 7 females, 6 males.

More promotional artwork.

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Photos from “The Rules Are The Rules Are The Rules” in Australia

The cast.

Here are some photos from the Australian production of THE RULES ARE THE RULES ARE THE RULES, the one-act that Pop Culture Theatre of Melbourne produced this summer (winter to them) as an entry in the Victorian Drama League competition.

Here’s the poster.

This is the second time that Pop Culture has produced one of my shows. In 2015, the group produced THE ONE-WORD MACBETH. (Video of that show here.)

A farce set on an airplane. A male passenger has apparently died, and the flight attendants carry him up to first class, telling other passengers he’s simply drunk. The chief flight attendant, though, insists they go by the book and perform CPR and mouth-to-mouth on the hapless victim until the plane lands. The other flight attendants devise ways to skirt those rules, with increasing hilarity. That hilarity hits its peak when it turns out the man isn’t dead, after all. Cast: Five — four female, one male. Running time: Thirty minutes.
* Produced by the Castle Players, Lytchett Matravers Village Hall, near Poole, England. Feb. 18-29, 2011.
* Produced by Pop Culture Theatre, Melbourne, Australia, July-September, 2017.

More of the cast.


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Video promo for “Famous People Killed By Animals”

My one-act FAMOUS PEOPLE KILLED BY ANIMALS is being produced at Michigan State University. Here’s the video promo for the show.

A suburban costume party goes wrong. The theme is “famous people killed by animals.” Unfortunately, the animals show up, as well. Comically absurd. Cast: Four — two male, two female. Running time: About 15 minutes.

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Video: “The One-Word Macbeth” in Australia

At long last, I have video from the 2015 production of my one-act THE ONE-WORD MACBETH by Pop Culture Theatre of Melbourne, Australia. The show –and the actresses who performed it — won a bunch of award that year in the Victorian Drama League competition. You can find a full list here.

Pop Culture also produced my one-act THE RULES ARE THE RULES ARE THE RULES in the 2017 Victorian Drama League season. Madeline Hardie, who starred here as Macbeth, was in that one, as well.

Meanwhile, THE ONE-WORD MACBETH has gone on to be published by Brooklyn Publishers.


* Poster from the final show.
* More awards for ONE WORD MACBETH in Australia
* ONE WORD MACBETH wins another award in Australia
* Photos from THE ONE WORD MACBETH in Australia
* THE ONE-WORD MACBETH to be produced in Australia


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List of 2018 productions

Here’s what I’ve already got booked for 2018:

* Jan-Feb.: CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT (one-act), by RuBarb Productions, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
* April 2018: THIS ROSES HAS THORNS (full-length), Bustco Theatre, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.
* Spring TBA: THE MONKEY AT THE WEDDING (one-act), Red River Revue, Clarksville, Texas
* Fall TBA: STRANGE VEGETABLES (one-act), Red River Revue, Clarksville, Texas
* Dec. 7-8, 13-15: ON THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS (full-length), Fountain Theater, Fountain, Colorado.

List of 2017 productions
List of 2016 productions
List of 2015 productions


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Photos from “A Chicken Walked Into A Bar” in Ohio

The chicken.

The West Grandview Fringe Festival in Columbus, Ohio produced two of my short pieces in August 2017: MORAL COMPASS and A CHICKEN WALKED INTO A BAR . . .

You can guess which one these photos are from.

Yep, that’s a chicken.

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