Poster and set photo from shows in Hollywood

The show poster.

Actors Workout Studio in North Hollywood, California is producing six Christmas one-acts, three of which are mine: THE ANGEL TREE, THE CHRISTMAS GOAT and DEATH BY POINSETTIA. My cousin, Itai Levin, attended on Dec. 8 and said there was a full-house and the shows were excellently cast.

The set of DEATH BY POINSETTIA. Photo by Itai Levin.



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Photos from “Svetlana’s First Christmas Away From Home” in Texas

Red River Revue in Clarksville, Texas is producing the one-act SVETLANA’S FIRST CHRISTMAS AWAY FROM HOME. Here’s the poster, and some backstage photos — with production photos to come.

The poster and cast.

Not sure which characters these are but they sure seem happy.

Awesome beard.

Ready for the pageant.

More below: Read the rest of this entry »

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Photos from “The Christmas Spiders” in Texas

Liberty High School in Liberty, Texas produced my Christmas one-act THE CHRISTMAS SPIDERS in December 2017.

A poor family in Ukraine has a tree but can’t afford decorations. Meanwhile, three spiders living in the house decide the only place safe from the cleaning is the tree. Santa turns their webs into tinsel, delighting everyone. Cast: Six or seven. If six – four female, one male, one non-gender. If seven – four female, two male, one non-gender. Running time: 20-25 minutes.


Spiders hiding behind the tree.

The family.

Spider boyfriend.

The cast.

Director Joseph Roberts share more photos here.

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Photos from “Let There Be Lights!” in Texas

Liberty High School in Liberty, Texas produced my Christmas one-act LET THERE BE LIGHTS! in December 2017.

Two neighbors plot to see who can put on the biggest display of Christmas lights, with comical, and catastrophic, results. Cast: Eight — two adult males, two adult females, two teen-age males, two teen-age females. Running time: 30 minutes.

Let There Be Lights!

Yes, the lights are so bright they need sunglasses.

Director Joseph Roberts share more photos here.

Seton Hall University did a script-in-hand production of this script in 2015; photos here.

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Photos from staged reading of “Exchange of Gifts”

Josh DiPalma with (from left) Kerry Plank, Abby Hippert and Lexi Huffman. Rehearsal began in the lobby because another show was rehearsing in the theatre.

My full-length Christmas play EXCHANGE OF GIFTS had a staged reading at Attic Productions in Fincastle, Virginia on November 18, 2017.

A sweet Christmas story with a message. Three foreign students studying at colleges in the United States find themselves snowbound at an airport for Christmas. One is from Australia, one is from Canada, one is from Russia. Adventure ensues — involving broken chairs, computer hacking, and a health scare. By the time it’s over, each one has learned something about themselves that changes the direction of their lives. Cast: Three women of college age.

More photos here.

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Cast list for “This Rose Has Thorns” in Australia

The premiere of THIS ROSE HAS THORNS, playing in Melbourne in April 2018, now has a cast!

Poster by Julia Allen.


* The amazing audition posters

* My first international production of a full-length script announced

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Poster for “Death By Poinsettia” in Virginia

Poster courtesy of Todd Ristau

My Christmas one-act DEATH BY POINSETTIA is on a roll. It’s now been produced three times, with both a production in Hollywood, California and a staged reading in Roanoke, Virginia in December — to bring the total to five.

Here’s the poster for the Roanoke reading, which will be directed by Lauren Ellis and will star Michael Mansfield and Amanda Mansfield.

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