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Video of “Just Another Day At The Office” in Virginia

Shakespeare in the Burg in Middleburg, Virginia held a festival of staged readings of short plays on April 8. One of those was my play JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE. Here’s the video.

A young woman is sent on a mission to raid another department for supplies. She comes back as the CEO. A play about sexism in the workplace. Cast: 18 — 12 male, 6 female.



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Poster for festival in London that includes one of my shows

My 10-minute play THE FACE ON MARS will be included in a festival of short science fiction plays in London in May. Here’s the poster.

This includes my short play THE FACE ON MARS.

The same script was produced in Connecticut in 2014; here’s a photo from that show.

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Press coverage for “Code Red” reading

My short play THE CELLPHONES OF THE DEAD is included the collection of short plays about school shootings that is being performed across the country.

I like a clean work space.

Here’s a story in The Roanoke Times in advance of the April 20 reading in Roanoke, Virginia.

More on THE CELLPHONES OF THE DEAD and the background of this project here.

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“The Cellphones of the Dead” included in collection of short plays

My short play THE CELLPHONES OF THE DEAD has been included in a collection of 20 short plays about school shootings in the United States. Oregon playwright Rachael Carnes put out a call recently for short plays memorializing the victims of specific shootings; I contributed THE CELLPHONES OF THE DEAD, which was written in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 that killed 32 people plus the shooter. Rachael pulled all the pieces together and organized them so they can be presented in a single reading — or organizers can pick and choose the pieces.

So far, PLAYWRIGHTS SAY NEVER AGAIN TO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS has had readings in Eugene, Oregon; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Montclair, New Jersey.

You can find stories on the New Jersey program here and here.

For more information about how to put on a royalty-free reading of PLAYWRIGHTS SAY NEVER AGAIN TO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, email

Meanwhile, THE CELLPHONES OF THE DEAD has been included in a separate program — a staged reading in Washington, D.C. on March 24 to coincide with “March for Our Lives.” That reading, organized by Nu Sass Productions, featured 17 short plays to coincide with the number of victims in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Nu Sass found my play listed through Protest Plays and the New Play Exchange.

Here’s some of what people have said about THE CELLPHONES OF THE DEAD:

“Your piece is stunning.” – producer

“I had multiple people approach me after and say how moved they were by your play.” – producer

It’s one of the more moving pieces for me” — actor.


About the piece:

A police officer’s somber monologue: He was at the scene of a mass shooting, and could literally hear the awful news start to spread — as the cellphones of the victims started to ring with desperate messages from their frantic friends.

Police officer (M)
Multiple bodies on the floor

Running time: Five minutes.

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New poster from “This Rose Has Thorns”

Poster by Julia Allen. Photography by JoKa Photography.

Here’s a new and very amazing poster for my show THIS ROSE HAS THORNS, which opens April 5 in Melbourne, Australia.

A parody of some common Shakespeare themes, with good stage combat roles for women and girls. The daughters of a lord receive letters from their boyfriends, informing them that they have been imprisoned in the Tower of London and expect to be executed. The two girls do what seems only natural to them; they dress up as men and set off to London to rescue them – not realizing that the boyfriends intended these as break-up letters. Comedy ensues. Cast: 13 – 7 females, 6 males.


* First round of posters

* Cast list for the show

* Amazing audition poster

* First international production of a full-length script announced

More photos below: Read the rest of this entry »

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Video: “Putting the Fair In Tooth Fairy” in Houston

Somewhere in this video is my five-minute piece PUTTING THE FAIR IN THE TOOTH FAIR, produced by Cone Man Running in Houston, Texas in November 2017.

You can find still photos from the production here.

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Posters for “This Rose Has Thorns” in Australia

Here are some posters from my upcoming show in Melbourne, Australia: THIS ROSE HAS THORNS will be produced by the Burwood Student Theatre Company at Deakin University.


Another one.


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