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Interview with Alleghany Mountain Radio

Alleghany Mountain Radio

Scott Smith of Alleghany Mountain Radio — a network of six stations along the Virginia-West Virginia border — did an interview with me about EXCHANGE OF GIFTS, the touring Christmas show that opens Dec. 6 (and comes to Monterey in his listening area on Dec. 14).

Kaiya Hoagland (left) and Lyndsey Hanks (right) rehearse a scene.


* Full tour schedule and ticket info.
* Behind the scenes of the publicity photos.
* Rehearsals begin


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Photos from reading of ‘Extracted’ in New York

Equity Library Theater of New York hosted a reading of my full-length play EXTRACTED in New York on Nov. 16. The reading was directed by Alexandra Scordato. Actor Paul Weissman paid me what I thought was the ultimate compliment: When he met me, he said he was surprised. He said he assumed that, based on the hip dialogue, the writer was in his early 30s. I’ll take that anyday! Next up: Revisions!

For more photos, see here.

it was hard to get the whole cast in the same photo. From left: Erika DeGraff (Myth America); Esh Red (Dominique; she’s seated so hard to see here), Victoria Marliny (Esmerelda), Amina Theis (Sam), Kimberly Rios (Libby), Matt McGlade (Joe), Paul Weissman (Gordon), Brandon Bogle (Tiny).

Here’s a better view of Esh Red, who played Dominique. She’s at left, casting an eye on Sam and Libby.

More photos (and commentary) below: Read the rest of this entry »

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Photos from ‘The Debate At Bosworth Field’

In August my 10-minute play THE DEBATE AT BOSWORTH FIELD was produced in Manchester, Great Britain — not all that far from the actual Bosworth Field — as part of the Fight Like a Girl festival (a fund-raiser for cancer research). Now, at last, here are some wonderful photos from Shay Rowan of my piece.

Richard III in a modern campaign-style debate.

Journalism is hard in any era.

The full gallery is here.

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Review for “The Math Lesson’

My 10-minute play THE MATH LESSON got a nice review from New York playwright Scott Sickles on the New Play Exchange:

“An elegant and concise sci-fi drama illustrating what’s at the root of everything wrong in the world, namely institutionalized ignorance. Yancey shows us a savvily-defiant teacher called to task over a subversive math problem. The power struggle is palpable and infuriating. Meanwhile, two normal girls simply observe the changes in the world around them, unaware that their planet is in a show but certain freefall. The play infuses doom with hope, and pays tribute to the beauty of their world and ours. Much like the math teacher, THE MATH LESSON is a sublime protest. A genuinely important short play!”
— Scott Sickles

Here are photos from a 2017 production in Chicago.

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Photos from ‘Chef Pierre Does Not Do Simple’ in Italy

In late September and early October, I had my first production in Italy — which became the 15th country on my list. The U.S. Army — which has an entertainment division for its troops — produced my 10-minute piece CHEF PIERRE DOES NOT DO SIMPLE at the Soldiers Theatre in Vincenza, Italy.

Here are some photos from the show, which took place Sept. 27-29 and Oct. 4-6.

More Chef Pierre.

And more.

More photos here.


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List of 2020 productions

Here’s a list of my scheduled productions for 2019:

1. Jan. 24-25: HAMLET ON SPRING BREAK (one-act), South County High School, Lorton, Virginia.
2. Jan. 25., Feb. 2, Feb. 12, Feb. 20: THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET (ten-minute), The Secret Theatre, New York.
3-5: Feb. 6-8: THERE’S A REASON WHY THEY CALL IT FALLING (one-act), TROUBLESHOOTING (ten-minute), THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET (ten-minute), South Walton One-Act Festival, South Walton High School, South Walton Florida.
6: Feb. 6-8: JENNA AND HER PRIZE-WINNING PIG CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY (one-act), Milwaukie High School, Milwaukie, Oregon.
7. March 11-15: THE CURIOUS CASE OF JOCKSTRAP MALONE (one-act), New Ideas Festival, Alumnae Theatre, Toronto, Canada.
8. March 28-29: THE SECRET LIFE OF PHONES (ten-minute), Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble, Brentwood, California.
9: April 2-4, 10-11: THE ARMADILLO QUEEN (full-length), Fountain Community Theater, Fountain, Colorado.
10: April 23-34: THE SANDSTORM (ten-minute), Paris Junior College, Paris, Texas.
11-13. April 25: THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE (ten-minut e), CHEF PIERRE DOES NOT DO SIMPLE (ten-minute), THE UNOPENED VALENTINE (ten-minute), Danniella DiClaudio and Friends, Charleroi, Pennsylvania.
14-17: May 15-17: THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES, CHEF PIERRE DOES NOT SO SIMPLE, WAITING ON THE 10:15, THE SECRET LIFE OF PHONES (all ten-minute), Acting Out Theatre Club and Efflugent Productions, Bedford, Virginia.
18: TBA: THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES (ten-minute), Summit Academy, Xenia, Ohio.

Date TBA: RHONDA’S HIGH-CLASS ROADKILL CHILI (full-length), J. Tucker, Hayfork, California


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Photos from my work in Kitchener, Ontario

Once again, one of my short pieces was performed in the annual Asphalt Jungle Shorts festival in Kitchener, Ontario. This is a walking tour festival where the audience is led around downtown and short pieces of live theatre break out at various points. This year my piece was THE GOVERNMENT’S SECRET TIME TRAVEL PROJECT EXPOSED. It was directed by festival founder Paddy Gillard-Bentley and performed by Mason Miceveski.

First we see a man clad in black running down the street.

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