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Photos: Three one-acts in Louisiana

Well, definitely three one-acts but only kind of in Louisiana. Pop Up Productions actually had 12 actors in seven states to perform three of my one-acts: GOD AND THE DEVIL MEET FOR A BUSINESS LUNCH, THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS and THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET.

The cast
The cast
The cast
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Photos from ‘The Sandstorm’ in Texas

Paris Junior College in Paris, Texas planned to produce my ten-minute play THE SANDSTORM in 2020 as part of a festival. Alas, COVID-19 intervened. But the show must go on – and did, in a rescheduled festival in February 2021. Here are Will Montgomery Walker and Robyn Huizinga playing the two parts of a Martian provincial minister whose financial dealings are being investigated by a government auditor (they alternate roles each night). Directed by Lisa Martin.

The minister raises a toast with the last water from a dried-up lake.
The government auditor.
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Review for ‘The One-Word Christmas Carol’

Blank Conversations Theatre in New Mexico left this review of my play THE ONE-WORD CHRISTMAS CAROL on the New Play Exchange:

“ This is a really fun piece. Perfectly chaotic and versatile. We produced a Youtube production and, due to COVID, decided to do it with one actor and a greenscreen! The piece lends itself to whatever way you want to produce it which is perfect for a ten minute holiday play. ”

Here’s that video.


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Logo for ‘Miss Mitchell’s Comet’

Powerstories Theatre in Tampa, Florida will present my full-length script MISS MITCHELL’S COMET as part of their virtual festival Voices of Truth in March. The theatre only produces plays that are based on true stories about women and girls. My play is based on the true story of Maria Mitchell, America’s first female astronomer — and the first North American of any gender to discover a comet (1847). The show airs virtually Friday, March 12 at 8 p.m., starring Katerina Yancey of Fincastle, Virginia and Scott Cooper of Waterloo, Ontario. Here’s the logo for the show, designed by Samantha Sylvester of Mississauga, Ontario. I highly and happily recommend her work. Earlier I posted this video interview I did with the theatre.

Logo designed by Samantha Sylvester

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Video: ‘The Unopened Valentine’ in Maryland

Sandy Spring Theatre Group in Maryland (suburban DC) presented a virtual festival of Valentine’s Day shows on Feb. 13. One of them was my play THE UNOPENED VALENTINE. It starred Sally Miller of Roanoke, Virginia and Ella Kennedy of Hamilton, Ontario. Sally also directed the piece. Here’s the full festival. Mine starts at 1:25, just after intermission.

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Video: Interview with Powerstories Theatre

On March 12, Powerstories Theatre of Tampa, Florida will present my full-length MISS MITCHELL’S COMET, based on the true story of America’s first female astronomer. Here’s an interview I did.

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Video: ‘Death by Poinsettia’ in Massachussetts

The Quannapowitt Players Suburban Holidays festival in Reading, Mass. produced my one-act DEATH BY POINSETTIA as a video production that was online on their site December 2020-January 2021. Here it is in on mine:

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Review: ‘Death By Poinsettia’

The Baltimore playwright Susan Middaugh left this review of my one-act DEATH BY POINSETTIA on the New Play Exchange.

“ What starts out as a downer evolves into an uplifting and romantic Christmas play about two lonely people who find each other at just the right time. Funny line: “They (poinsettias) might make your cat sick.” Dwayne to the rescue! ”

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Review: ‘The Ferryman and The Thief’

There’s been a real run of reviews on the New Play Exchange. A reviewer named Jared Kobre Alessandro — no more information available — left this review of my 10-minute play THE FERRYMAN AND THE THIEF:

“ A wonderful slice of greeco-roman mythology given to the modern audience. It manages to avoid the “Percy Jackson,” route, by not modernizing it and keeping true to the mythology while still being entertaining. A must read. ”

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Review: ‘The Beautiful Ogre and Other Fairy Tales’

A reviewer named Isabella Castillo — don’t know more — left this review of my 10-minute play THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES on the New Play Exchange:

“This wonderful piece challenges the typical fairy tale stories that many of us have been fed in a fun, comedic way. The piece is a beautiful balance of being light-hearted and joyful, while also really compelling the audience to think about and challenge norms. ”

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