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Video of “Veronica’s Dolls” in Oklahoma

Echo Theatre in Tulsa, Oklahoma held a staged reading of my one-act VERONICA’S DOLLS on April 23, 2017. I’ve finally got a video of the reading.

A teenage girl’s old dolls come to life to try to save her life when she attempts to commit suicide by swallowing an overdose of sleeping pills. Cast: Four, plus an off-stage voice to make five. Three female, two non-gender. Running time: Fifteen or so minutes.


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Photos from “Svetlana’s First Christmas Away From Home” in West Virginia

My one-act SVETLANA’S FIRST CHRISTMAS AWAY FROM HOME is off to a roaring start. It was first produced last year by Victorian Players in Youngtown, Ohio and this year is being produced twice, by Lewis County Community Theatre in Weston, West Virginia and Red River Revue in Clarksville, Texas. Here are photos from West Virginia. Of note: The Svetlana in the script is a Ukrainian exchange student. By chance, Lewis County had an actual Ukrainian exchange student to play the titular role.

Svetlana hugs the spider.

Another look at the awesome spider.

Lots of kids, lots of costumes.

Like I said, lots of kids, lots of costumes.

Another hugging shot.

The full cast.

More photos from the Lewis County Community Theatre show here.

* Victorian Players, Youngtown, Ohio, December 2016
* Poster and backstage photos from Red River Review, Clarksville, Texas, December 2017.

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Poster and set photo from shows in Hollywood

The show poster.

Actors Workout Studio in North Hollywood, California is producing six Christmas one-acts, three of which are mine: THE ANGEL TREE, THE CHRISTMAS GOAT and DEATH BY POINSETTIA. My cousin, Itai Levin, attended on Dec. 8 and said there was a full-house and the shows were excellently cast.

The set of DEATH BY POINSETTIA. Photo by Itai Levin.


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Photos from “Svetlana’s First Christmas Away From Home” in Texas

Red River Revue in Clarksville, Texas is producing the one-act SVETLANA’S FIRST CHRISTMAS AWAY FROM HOME. Here’s the poster, and some backstage photos — with production photos to come.

The poster and cast.

Not sure which characters these are but they sure seem happy.

Awesome beard.

Ready for the pageant.

More below: Read the rest of this entry »

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“Putting The Fair In The Tooth Fairy” in Houston

Annie Wild as the key and Ty K. Fisher as the tooth fairy.

My short script PUTTING THE FAIR IN THE TOOTH FAIRY is in the annual Cone Man Running Festival at the Beacon Theatre in Houston. Here’s what it looks like.

A child who has just lost a tooth confronts the tooth fairy with a baseball bat — and finds the tooth fairy is a large, hairy man. The child wonders why he hasn’t gotten as much money for his teeth as other kids have. Cast: Three — 1 male, 1 female, 1 child. Running time: Five minutes.
* Staged reading at No Shame Theatre at Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke, Va. , November 2005.
* Staged reading at Attic Productions New Year’s Eve Party, Fincastle, Va., December 2005.
* Staged reading at The Best of No Shame Theatre at Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke, Va., March 2006.
* Produced by North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe, San Diego, California, October 2006.
* Performed at Kevin Jones Performing Arts Studio summer acting camp showcase, Roanoke, Va. July 14, 2007.

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Video promo for “Famous People Killed By Animals”

My one-act FAMOUS PEOPLE KILLED BY ANIMALS is being produced at Michigan State University. Here’s the video promo for the show.

A suburban costume party goes wrong. The theme is “famous people killed by animals.” Unfortunately, the animals show up, as well. Comically absurd. Cast: Four — two male, two female. Running time: About 15 minutes.

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“Death By Poinsettia” wins awards at Maryland festival

My play DEATH BY POINSETTIA won two awards at the annual Silver Spring Stage one-act festival in Silver Spring, Maryland.

It was one of two scripts honored for “outstanding ensemble.” I’m not sure if that means they tied for first or if there were an unlimited number of awards available. In any case, two productions got that award — one was mine, the other was A WOMB WITH A VIEW by Rich Orloff.

The show also was third runner-up for “outstanding production.”

There were 14 shows in the festival.

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