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Photos from “Svetlana’s First Christmas Away From Home” in West Virginia

My one-act SVETLANA’S FIRST CHRISTMAS AWAY FROM HOME is off to a roaring start. It was first produced last year by Victorian Players in Youngtown, Ohio and this year is being produced twice, by Lewis County Community Theatre in Weston, West Virginia and Red River Revue in Clarksville, Texas. Here are photos from West Virginia. Of note: The Svetlana in the script is a Ukrainian exchange student. By chance, Lewis County had an actual Ukrainian exchange student to play the titular role.

Svetlana hugs the spider.

Another look at the awesome spider.

Lots of kids, lots of costumes.

Like I said, lots of kids, lots of costumes.

Another hugging shot.

The full cast.

More photos from the Lewis County Community Theatre show here.

* Victorian Players, Youngtown, Ohio, December 2016
* Poster and backstage photos from Red River Review, Clarksville, Texas, December 2017.

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