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Video: ‘Shakespeare’s Lost Christmas Play’ in Minnesota

Pine Island High School in Pine Island, Minnesota produced SHAKESPEARE’S LOST CHRISTMAS PLAY in December 2021. Here it is:


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Video: ‘Shakespeare’s Lost Christmas Play’ from four different continents

The New Jersey-based Zenith Players did an online reading of SHAKESPEARE’S LOST CHRISTMAS PLAY, with actors from four different continents — the United States in North America, The Netherlands in Europe, Colombia in South America and Australia in, well, Australia.

The cast:

Steve Anderson as ERASMUS
Caitlin Jurewicz as ANN
Andrea Atwood as THOMASINA
Patrick Brockway as BARTHOLOMEW
Tatanya Löwed-Spence as SUSAN
Tricia Pisarra as EMMA
Claire Bochenek/Mira Singer as TOBY
Emily Brennan as OLIVIA
Joshua Boyer as ROGER


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‘Let There Be Lights!’ and ‘Santa in the Off-Season’ in San Jose

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. library in San Jose, California has its own theatre program for kids. On December 17, the library produced, virtually, two of my short scripts — the five-minute SANTA IN THE OFF-SEASON and the one-act LET THERE BE LIGHTS!

Here are some photos and the program:

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‘Shakespeare’s Lost Christmas Play’ in Birmingham, UK

Infinite Arts in Birgmingham, England, UK produced my play SHAKESPEARE’S LOST CHRISTMAS PLAY in December, and also sent along some fan mail!


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Staged reading of ‘The Girl Who Made Emus Believe They Could Fly at Christmas’

The Valley Playhouse in Harrisonburg did a staged reading of my one-act THE GIRL WHO MADE EMUS BELIEVE THEY COULD FLY AT CHRISTMAS on December 5, 2021, as part of the city’s Winterfest festival.

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Review for ‘The One-Word Christmas Carol’

Blank Conversations Theatre in New Mexico left this review of my play THE ONE-WORD CHRISTMAS CAROL on the New Play Exchange:

“ This is a really fun piece. Perfectly chaotic and versatile. We produced a Youtube production and, due to COVID, decided to do it with one actor and a greenscreen! The piece lends itself to whatever way you want to produce it which is perfect for a ten minute holiday play. ”

Here’s that video.


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Video: ‘Joy To Other Worlds’ in Pennsylvania

The Playhouse in McConnellstown, Pennsylvania produced my Christmas one-act JOY TO OTHER WORLDS in December 2020. Earlier I posted some photos. Here’s the video.

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‘Let There Be Lights!’ in Maine

The Belfast Maskers in Belfast, Maine have produced my one-act LET THERE BE LIGHTS! as a virtual production. To adhere to virus regulations, they filmed it using two actual familes. Here it is!

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‘A Dickens of a Christmas’ in Minnesota

One thing that’s happened during this year of the pandemic: I’ve had a lot of script requests from non-theatres. Some have come from book clubs, some have come from families looking for home entertainment. Some haven’t worked out, but the Monday Night Book Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota did do a Zoom reading of my full-length A DICKENS OF A CHRISTMAS on Dec. 20, 2020 (which wasn’t a Monday night but the whole year has been out of whack).

The book club in action!

More . . .
And there’s the script off to the side.

Organizer Stephanie Pearson sends this fan mail:

“We had a wonderful time reading your play at our bookclub tonight. I am the woman in the black (stage direction) with the phone. We’ve been together over 20 years so it was fun to connect with this play!

Everyone enjoyed themselves! I loved how you integrated A Christmas Carol in with the plot along with the funny (and cranky) Lady Crumblebum. I couldn’t stop laughing during these scenes. Also, you had some great references on gender roles (ie: women doing dishes) which I think we are still doing today 100 years later. Funny!

Thanks for making our zoom holiday bookclub a memorable one. We appreciate your willingness to share and provide us with a great script to read.”

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‘Death By Poinsettia’ in Louisiana

PopUp Productions in Louisiana produced my Christmas one-act virtually in December 2020. Here are some screenshots.

Caroline talks to her webcam.

Caroline eats a “poinsettia.”

And there’s “Dwayne” showing up at her party.

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