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Promotional video from “Curiosity Killed The Cat” in Texas

Here’s the promotional video for my one-act “Curiosity Killed The Cat,” produced May 5-6, 2017 in Clarksville, Texas by Red River Revue. Video shot by Juan Espinoso.

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Video of “The Recruiter” in Houston

My five-minute piece THE RECRUITER was produced in Houston Nov. 9-19, 2016 as part of the 2016 Five Minute Mile Play Festival by Cone Man Running Productions at the Obsidian Theatre. Here’s the video. Earlier I posted some rehearsal photos.

A scene about gender discrimination in college sports. A college recruiter shows up at a rural school asking about a particular football player; oblivious to the softball player banging home runs in batting practice. Cast: Two adult males, one teenage girl.

This is a stand-alone piece, but it’s also part of a collection of short pieces about baseball that make up my full-length play PLAY BALL! Some other individual pieces of that have been produced, as well — “Sunset in North Dakota” and “Deep Into October.”

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Video: “Catch of the Day” at Michigan State

Here’s video of my one-act CATCH OF THE DAY at Michigan State University in November 2016.

Earlier I posted photos from the production. Also rehearsal photos and a promo video.



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Photos (and video) from “Catch of the Day”

Michigan State University is producing my one-act CATCH OF THE DAY Nov. 3-6. Director Emily Clark sends this promo video and rehearsal photos.

The parents (at each end of the table) meet their daughter's new boyfriend, Spike. But that's not all that happens.

The parents (at each end of the table) meet their daughter’s new boyfriend, Spike. But that’s not all that happens.

Ryan Carlson plays the dad; Melanie Ebeling plays the mom; Teagan Parkinson plays the daughter and Luke Ostrem plays Spike.

Directed by Emily Clark and Holly Simon.

More photos below: Read the rest of this entry »

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Video of my work in the 2016 Gone in 60 Seconds festival in New York

This year I had two pieces in the Gone in 60 Seconds festival of one-minute plays in New York.



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Video: Three short pieces in New York festival

Here’s some video I just discovered existed of my work in the 2014 edition of the Gone in 60 Seconds Festival in New York.

First, here’s IT’S THE COW’S FAULT:


Here’s THREE TREES TALKING in the #nextgen youth version of the festival:


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Video of “Jimmy’s Plan for World Domination”

My short script JIMMY’S PLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION was performed at the Curiosi-Tea tea house in Mankato, Minnesota on February 12, 2016. Here’s video of the performance, plus a pre-show interview with the actors.

Here’s the current list of my 2016 productions: Read the rest of this entry »

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