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Photos and videos from “The Denmark County Barbershop Quartet Presents . . .”

My 7th 24-hour play festival with Mill Mountain Theatre and the Hollins University Playwrights’ Lab resulted in THE DENMARK COUNTY BARBERSHOP QUARTET PRESENTS . . . in which a ragtag barbershop quartet presents Hamlet to the tune of “In the Good Old Summertime.”

From left: Ally Thomas, J.P. Powell, Reilly Lincavicks, Bob Moss, me (kneeling), Erica Muyst, Chris Shepard and Michael Mansfield.

Below is rehearsal video from a short song about the Hindenburg, followed by the big finish about Hamlet.


* How the process unfolds

* Rehearsal photos

* Lots more photos here.


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Video from the 2018 Gone in 60 Seconds Festival in Leeds, UK

I had two pieces in the 2018 edition of the Gone in 60 Seconds Festival of one-minute plays in Leeds, Great Britain: THREE POSSUMS AT THE BAR and MERMING. The former comes up at the 42:41 mark, the latter at 57:35.

You can find the poster here and the 2017 festival here.

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Video from the 2017 Gone in 60 Seconds Festival, the UK edition

I had three pieces in the 2017 edition of the Gone in 60 Seconds Festival of one-minute plays in Leeds, Great Britain: TWO SQUIRRELS ON A POWERLINE, NOBODY EVER ASKS ME and THE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT.

Here, at last, is the video from that show.

You can find photos from my three pieces here.

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Video of “Just Another Day At The Office” in Virginia

Shakespeare in the Burg in Middleburg, Virginia held a festival of staged readings of short plays on April 8. One of those was my play JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE. Here’s the video.

A young woman is sent on a mission to raid another department for supplies. She comes back as the CEO. A play about sexism in the workplace. Cast: 18 — 12 male, 6 female.


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Video: “Putting the Fair In Tooth Fairy” in Houston

Somewhere in this video is my five-minute piece PUTTING THE FAIR IN THE TOOTH FAIR, produced by Cone Man Running in Houston, Texas in November 2017.

You can find still photos from the production here.

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Video of “Veronica’s Dolls” in Oklahoma

Echo Theatre in Tulsa, Oklahoma held a staged reading of my one-act VERONICA’S DOLLS on April 23, 2017. I’ve finally got a video of the reading.

A teenage girl’s old dolls come to life to try to save her life when she attempts to commit suicide by swallowing an overdose of sleeping pills. Cast: Four, plus an off-stage voice to make five. Three female, two non-gender. Running time: Fifteen or so minutes.

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Video: “The Beautiful Ogre and Other Fairy Tales” in Minnesota

The troupe Play With Your Food produced my ten-minute piece THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES in Mankato, Minnesota in May 2017.


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