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Video: ‘The Stanley Cup Goes Missing’

Last month I took part in a 48-hour play challenge through This Moment Productions in Chicago. Here’s the video of the show: ‘The Stanley Cup Goes Missing,” directed by Dane Rogers and starring Stephanie Reynolds (upper left), Marc Motiejunas (upper right) and Sarah Hoback (below).

Also, here’s the awesome logo designed by Dana Hall, one of the producers.

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Video: Three short plays by Louisana-based group

Pop Up Productions — which is based in Louisiana but used actors from seven states — produced three of my short plays the weekend of March 11-13, 2021: GOD AND THE DEVIL MEET FOR A BUSINESS LUNCH, THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS and THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET. Earlier I posted some still photos. Here’s the video.

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Video: ‘Miss Mitchell’s Comet’ in Tampa

Powerstories Theatre in Tampa presented MISS MITCHELL’S COMET on March 12, 2021. The play tells the story of Maria Mitchell, America’s first female astronomer who sparked an international controversy in 1847 when she discovered a comet — a discovery that the great observatories in Europe were reluctant to recognize because she was an American, an amateur, and a woman. Katerina Yancey stars as Maria Mitchell, Scott Cooper plays all the male roles.

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Video: ‘The Unopened Valentine’ in Maryland

Sandy Spring Theatre Group in Maryland (suburban DC) presented a virtual festival of Valentine’s Day shows on Feb. 13. One of them was my play THE UNOPENED VALENTINE. It starred Sally Miller of Roanoke, Virginia and Ella Kennedy of Hamilton, Ontario. Sally also directed the piece. Here’s the full festival. Mine starts at 1:25, just after intermission.

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Video: ‘Death by Poinsettia’ in Massachussetts

The Quannapowitt Players Suburban Holidays festival in Reading, Mass. produced my one-act DEATH BY POINSETTIA as a video production that was online on their site December 2020-January 2021. Here it is in on mine:

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Video: ‘Joy To Other Worlds’ in Pennsylvania

The Playhouse in McConnellstown, Pennsylvania produced my Christmas one-act JOY TO OTHER WORLDS in December 2020. Earlier I posted some photos. Here’s the video.

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Video: ‘The One-Word Christmas Carol’ in New Mexico

Blank Conversations Theatre Company in Las Cruces, New Mexico produced my one-act THE ONE-WORD CHRISTMAS CAROL as a one-man show.

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‘Let There Be Lights!’ in Maine

The Belfast Maskers in Belfast, Maine have produced my one-act LET THERE BE LIGHTS! as a virtual production. To adhere to virus regulations, they filmed it using two actual familes. Here it is!

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‘Joy To Other Worlds’ in Pennsylvania

The Playhouse in McConnellstown, Pennylsvania produced my one-act JOY TO OTHER WORLDS as a virtual show on December 20, 2020. Here are some photos and a link.

The earthly family with a lot of Christmas lights.

The aliens who notice them.

More aliens!

A virtual curtain call!

And the link to the show:

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Audio: ‘This is Angel O’Lord reporting’ in California

Unity of Marin, a church in Marin County, California near San Francisco, produced my short play THIS IS ANGEL O’LORD reporting, as a radio drama as part of the church’s annual holiday show on Dec. 19, 2020.

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