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Video reading of ‘The Taste Tester’

On April 15 I held a reading of THE TASTE TESTER via Zoom, with an international cast from three countries and seven U.S. states. We stretched from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada to Melbourne, Australia — and had someone in every American time zone.

Zoom host: Stephen Glassbrenner

Stage directions: Beverly Amsler (Roanoke, Virginia)
Antoinette: Kate Cash (Kansas City, Missouri)
Malvina: Katerina Yancey (Fincastle, Virginia)
Johanna: Cheryl Carter (Lynchburg, Virginia)
Fernando: Bill Armstrong (Norfolk, Virginia)
Herald: Ron Ford (Spokane, Washington)
Geraldo: Scott Cooper (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
Angelo: Gary Reid (Roanoke, Virginia)
Duke: John Jennings (Melbourne, Australia)
Lorenzo: Will Walker Montgomery (Paris, Texas)
Tristan: James Brunt (Denver, Colorado)
Sally: Beth Brackett (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)
Court poet: Kelly Hoagland (Bonsack, Virginia)
Jester: William Joppich (Copper HIll, Virginia)
Sommelier: Carolyn Ziegler (Roanoke, Virginia)
Celestia: Nancy Lawrence (Roanoke, Virginia)
Guard One: Tim Wood (Bogata, Texas)
Guard Two: Barry Carter (Corsicana, Texas)
Artist: Danniele Ashee Seanor (Charleroi, Pennsylvania)

A comedy with a message, and echoes of Shakespeare, set in Renaissance Italy. A shipwreck on a deserted island leaves only three survivors — two young children and a forgetful woman who thinks she is their servant. The girl, Antoinette, grows up to be a pirate, the boy, Tristan, grows up to be a poet, and all are eventually rescued. But now the brother is thrown into the duke’s prison for writing an offensive poem and the sword-wielding pirate-sister is determined to rescue him. She disguises herself as a man and takes a job as the royal taste-tester in order to get close enough to free him. She finds that everyone in the palace is in the wrong job — the court herald doesn’t like to speak in public, the court poet can’t rhyme, the chef can’t cook, and so forth — though each has some other talent. The play ends with a dramatic sword fight — between a man dressed as a woman and a woman dressed as a man — and the discovery that Antoinette is the true heir to the duchy, and the forgetful servant is really her mother. Antoinette’s first act upon taking office is to put everyone in the proper job. The message, of course, is that everyone has some hidden talent. Plus, a nice sword-fighting scene and some strong roles for women. Cast: 18 — 4 female, 6 male, 8 non-gender.

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Video reading of ‘Rikki The Third’

Like lots of others quarantined by the pandemic, I held a staged reading over Zoom on April 8 for RIKKI THE THIRD — my modern re-write of Shakespeare’s Richard III, with genders reversed and set in a modern high school where Rikki is scheming to become homecoming queen.

Here’s the result. You’ll hear some babies crying and dogs barking, but we live and learn.

The script is written for 12, with massive doubling, but I had so many people who wanted to take part that I undoubled everything and wound up with a cast of 26 plus a 27th person reading stage directions. We wound up with an international cast from three countries — the U.S., Canada and Australia. And those U.S. participants included people from six states — Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. This is amazing technology.

Stage directions: Bill Armstrong (Norfolk, Virginia)
Richelle: Mayalin Quinones (Lynchburg, Virginia)
Summer: Heather Sexton (Roanoke, Virginia)
Georgia: Erika Degraffinreaidt (New York, New York)
Principal: Lydia Gladstone (New York, New York)
River: Michelle Drinnan (Melbourne, Australia)
Grey: Kerry Plank (Christiansburg, Virginia)
Bucky: Beverly Amsler (Roanoke, Virginia)
Stana: Johanna Cooper (Richmond, Virginia)
Edie: Cadie Burks (Roanoke, Virginia)
Rachel: Kaiya Hoagland (Bonsack, Virginia)
Harriet: Arlene Thomas (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)
Student One: Emily K. Boyhea-Kyere (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
Student Two: Carolyn Ziegler (Roanoke, Virginia)
Student Three: Sherilyn Lawson (Roanoke, Virginia)
Student Four: Beth Brackett (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)
Senior One: Kate Cash (Kansas City, Missouri)
Senior Two: Cheryl Carter (Lynchburg, Virginia)
Junior One: Darlene Fedele Thompson (Sarver, Pennsylvania)
Junior Two: Laura Dial Risinger (Paris, Texas)
Sophomore One: Sharon Reynolds (Roanoke, Virginia)
Sophomore Two: Dannielle Ashlee Seanor (Charleroi, Pennsylvania)
Player One: Mason Micevski (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Player Two: Dylan Kennedy Grey (Bedford, Virginia)
Andy Warwick: Matthew Carcassi (Melbourne, Australia)
Bad Boy One: Brian Lee (Roanoke, Virginia)
Bad Boy Two: Chad Snyder (Roanoke, Virginia)


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Video: ‘The Curious Case of Jockstrap Malone’ in Toronto

Here’s video of THE CURIOUS CASE OF JOCKSTRAP MALONE at the Alumnae Theatre in Toronto, Canada in March 2020, just before the pandemic shut theatres down.

I have still photos from the production here. One of the actresses was sick for this performance so the director subbed for the part of Trixie.

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Video: ‘This Rose Has Thorns’ in Australia

It’s been one year since THIS ROSE HAS THORNS played in Melbourne, Australia to sold-out crowds and I finally have a video of the production by BustCo — the Burwood Student Theatre Company at Deakin University. Here ’tis!

More on THIS ROSE HAS THORNS: Read the rest of this entry »

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Video of ‘On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas’ in Colorado

Fountain Community Theater in Fountain, Colorado produced my full-length script ON THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS in December 2018. Here’s some video of the show. And here are some rehearsal photos.


* 2015: First Avenue Playhouse, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey: Photos and video here.
* 2013: Santiam High School, Mill Creek, Oregon. Photo here and praise for the show here.

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Video of ‘Joy to Other Worlds’ in Texas

Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas produced my Christmas one-act JOY TO OTHER WORLDS December 18-19, 2018. Director Jordan Miller (a student!) shares this video. Earlier I posted her awesome cast photos.

2017: Otherworld Theatre, Chicago, photo here.
2016: Esk-Dale High School, Millard County, Utah; photos here.
2014: Backyard Players, Steinbach, Manitoba (no photos)

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Video: “Picking Up Stars” in New York festival

In June, my one-minute play PICKING UP STARS was included in the annual Gone in 60 Seconds Festival of one-minute plays in New York. Now, the video is available.


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Photos and videos from “The Denmark County Barbershop Quartet Presents . . .”

My 7th 24-hour play festival with Mill Mountain Theatre and the Hollins University Playwrights’ Lab resulted in THE DENMARK COUNTY BARBERSHOP QUARTET PRESENTS . . . in which a ragtag barbershop quartet presents Hamlet to the tune of “In the Good Old Summertime.”

From left: Ally Thomas, J.P. Powell, Reilly Lincavicks, Bob Moss, me (kneeling), Erica Muyst, Chris Shepard and Michael Mansfield.

Below is rehearsal video from a short song about the Hindenburg, followed by the big finish about Hamlet.


* How the process unfolds

* Rehearsal photos

* Lots more photos here.

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Video from the 2018 Gone in 60 Seconds Festival in Leeds, UK

I had two pieces in the 2018 edition of the Gone in 60 Seconds Festival of one-minute plays in Leeds, Great Britain: THREE POSSUMS AT THE BAR and MERMING. The former comes up at the 42:41 mark, the latter at 57:35.

You can find the poster here and the 2017 festival here.

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Video from the 2017 Gone in 60 Seconds Festival, the UK edition

I had three pieces in the 2017 edition of the Gone in 60 Seconds Festival of one-minute plays in Leeds, Great Britain: TWO SQUIRRELS ON A POWERLINE, NOBODY EVER ASKS ME and THE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT.

Here, at last, is the video from that show.

You can find photos from my three pieces here.

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