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‘Joy To Other Worlds’ in Pennsylvania

The Playhouse in McConnellstown, Pennylsvania produced my one-act JOY TO OTHER WORLDS as a virtual show on December 20, 2020. Here are some photos and a link.

The earthly family with a lot of Christmas lights.

The aliens who notice them.

More aliens!

A virtual curtain call!

And the link to the show:


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Review for ‘The One-Word Christmas Carol’

Here’s a review for my short Christmas play THE ONE-WORD CHRISTMAS CAROL that was posted on the New Play Exchange:

“If you haven’t partaken of Yancey’s one-word classics, they are a treat and this is a good place to start. Dickens himself would be proud. I particularly liked this glimpse into Belle’s family, and of course Scrooge’s back and forth with the Christmas ghosts always delight. Yancey makes it look deceptively easy but don’t be fooled, it’s HARD selecting the exactly right single word at a time to convey the spirit of a timeless story, move the plot forward and still have the entire project feel fresh and vibrant. Yancey is just the man for the undertaking.”
— Matthew Weaver


The traditional Christmas Carol story, more or less, told with each actor speaking a line of just a single word. Cast: Can be done with as few as six, or expanded larger, if you desire. With six, 4 male, 1 female, 1 non-gender. Feel free, of course, to use non-traditional casting.

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Photos from “The Christmas Spiders” in Texas

Liberty High School in Liberty, Texas produced my Christmas one-act THE CHRISTMAS SPIDERS in December 2017.

A poor family in Ukraine has a tree but can’t afford decorations. Meanwhile, three spiders living in the house decide the only place safe from the cleaning is the tree. Santa turns their webs into tinsel, delighting everyone. Cast: Six or seven. If six – four female, one male, one non-gender. If seven – four female, two male, one non-gender. Running time: 20-25 minutes.


Spiders hiding behind the tree.

The family.

Spider boyfriend.

The cast.

Director Joseph Roberts share more photos here.

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Cast photo from “Joy To Other Worlds” in Chicago

Joy To Other Worlds

Former Roanoke city manager Chris Morrill sends this photo of curtain call for JOY TO OTHER WORLDS, my one-act that was in the Paragaon science fiction festival by Otherworld Theatre in Chicago on Nov. 12, 2017.


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Production photos from “Curiosity Killed The Cat” in Texas

The detective interviews Curiosity.

Here are some awesome productions from “Curiosity Killed The Cat,” which was produced May 5-6 by Red River Revue in Clarksville, Texas. Photos by Robyn Hutchinson Blount. The full gallery is here.


* Promotional video.
* Promotional posters and back-stage photos
* More posters and set-up photos.

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List of 2015 productions

Here’s a full list of my productions(and staged readings) in 2015.

* Jan. 3: Staged reading of MISS COW PIE BINGO (full-length), Showtimers, Roanoke, Virginia.
* Feb. 6: Production of MACBETH GOES HOLLYWOOD (long one-act), Gull Lake High School, Richland, Michigan
* Feb. 13: Staged reading of 39 HOURS IN THE SOVIET CITY OF ROSES (full-length), Poetic Theater Productions, New York, N.Y.
* Feb. 13: Staged reading of three short pieces: CHERRY POP TARTS, MY CRIMSON LOVE and LUST, at Garfield Center for the Arts, Chestertown, Maryland.
* Feb. 25: Staged reading of THE RING (one-act) and CAT ON TRIAL (five-minute play), The Readers Repertory Theatre of San Pedro, Los Angeles, California.
* March 25: Staged reading of THE BREAK-IN (five-minute play), The Readers Repertory Theatre of San Pedro, Los Angeles, California.
* March 25-27: Production of HAMLET GOES HOLLYWOOD (long one-act), High Meadows School, Roswell, Georgia.
* May 1: Production of THE MONKEY AT THE WEDDING (one-act), Acton-Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, Acton, Massachusetts. (Won four awards in competition, including best actor and best actress.)
* May 1: Short film KISS MY ASHES GOODBYE wins audience prize at Bike Shorts Film Festival, Roanoke, Virginia.
* May 5: Production of SLAM POETRY and THE ONLINE AFFAIR (one-minute plays) in Gone in 60 Seconds Festival, Leeds, UK.
* June 11, 12 and 13th: THERE ARE NO CELLPHONES IN SHAKESPEARE and AN UNEXPECTED CHEESE PARTY in Gone in 60 Seconds Festival in New York.
* June 12: AN UNEXPECTED CHEESE PARTY, THE FOUNTAIN OF TOO MUCH YOUTH, THE LITTLE RED HEN THINKS BIG, in #NextGen, the youth version of the Gone in 60 Seconds Festival in New York.
* July 16: THE SKY IS FALLING (ten-minute script), Picnic in the Park Local Talent Variety Show, Mankato, Minnesota.
* July 18: DEEP INTO OCTOBER and FIREBALLER, by Synergy Energy Theater, Deer Park, New York.
* August 7: FOLLOW THE MONEY: A MODERN FAIRY TALE, at theatre camp, Davis, California.
* July/August/September/October: THE ONE-WORD MACBETH, Pop Culture Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. (July 25-26 in the Mount Players One-Act Play Festival in Macedon; Aug. 8-9 in the South Gippsland One-Act Play Festival (FMDA) in Foster; Sept. 4-6 in Kyneton’s Festival of One-Act Plays in Kyneton, and Oct. 17 in Melbourne.
* August 22: THE BLACK MARKET OF MEMORIES (one-act) and THE SANDSTORM (ten-minute), in the Paragon Science Fiction and Fantasy Play Festival, Otherworld Theatre, Chicago.
* August 25: Encore production of THE SKY IS FALLING (ten-minute script), Picnic in the Park Local Talent Variety Show, Mankato, Minnesota.
* Sept. 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26: THREE TREES TALKING and THE WEAKEST FINGER (short scripts), Asphalt Jungle Shorts, walking-tour theatre festival in Kitchener, Ontario.
* Nov. 13-Dec 14: DEATH BY POINSETTIA (one-act), Studio C, Hollywood, California.
* Nov. 13: CODE 40 VERONA (one-act), Redwood Christian Schools, San Lorenzo, California.
* Nov. 18: CAT ON TRIAL (five-minute piece), Readers Theatre Repertory of San Pedro, Los Angeles.
* December 4-19: ON THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS (full-length), First Avenue Playhouse, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.
* December 5: Staged reading of THE CHRISTMAS GOAT (ten-minute), Arts Resources for the Tri-State, Huntington, West Virginia.
* December 5: HIT THE BOOKS (one-act), Girard High School, Girard, Kansas.
* December 5: THE FRUITCAKE (one-act), Back Street Players, Hanover, Illinois
* December 11-13: THIS IS ANGEL O’LORD REPORTING and JOY TO OTHER WORLDS (five-minute scripts), Showtimers, Roanoke, Virginia.
* December 12: THE FRUITCAKE (one-act), Area Community Theatre and Theatre Classes, Tomah, Wisconsin
* December 14: THE FRUITCAKE (one-act), Lockwood High School, Lockwood, Missouri
* December 15: LET THERE BE LIGHTS! (one-act), Seton Hall University, Seton Hall, New Jersey.
* December 19: THE FRUITCAKE (one-act), produced by Ban-Far, Vandalia, Illinois.
* December date unclear: FATHER CHRISTMAS (ten-minute), Southern Nash High School, Bailey, North Carolina.
* December date unclear: SANTA CLAUSTROPHOBIA (one-act), Hanover, Illinois (unclear name of group; publisher’s info only gives name of person who paid for scripts.)
* December date unclear: SANTA CLAUSTROPHOBIA (one-act), Tift Theatre for the Performing Arts, Tifton, Georgia.


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Cast photo from “On the Thirteeth Day of Christmas”


Here’s a photo from “On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas,” which was produced this month at Santiam High School in Mill City, Oregon.

This was the first production of this script, and the sixth full-length script I’ve had produced.

* Director calls “On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas” a “true gem.”
* About “On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas.”

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