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Photo from “Chef Pierre Does Not Do Simple” in Virginia

Sandy Sampson and John Maresca.

The Smith Mountain Lake Arts Council produced my 10-minute play CHEF PIERRE DOES NOT DO SIMPLE on April 2, 2017 at the Bernad’s Landing resort in Scruggs, Virginia.

This marked the fourth production of the script:

A television producer explains to a TV chef that he need to simplify some of his language because many younger viewers do not understand them. He reacts badly and winds up creating a mess with broken eggs and flour. Cast: Four — One male, three non-gender. Running time: Ten minutes.
* Produced by Newburgh Free Academy, Newburgh, N.Y., May 2009.
* Produced by Jeonju Players, Jeonju, South Korea, December 2014
* Produced by Dover Little Theatre, Dover, New Jersey, April 2016.
* Produced by Smith Mountain Lake Arts Council, Scruggs, Virginia, April 2017.



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“Sometimes Elephants Die Standing Up” to be produced in London

My 10-minute play SOMETIMES ELEPHANTS DIE STANDING UP will be produced in London this September by Ghost Dog Productions. It will be part of an evening of plays on the theme of “deception” produced Sept. 22-24 at The Horse & Stables, which appears to be on Westminster Bridge Road in the Waterloo section of London.

This will be the first production of the script, although it had a staged reading last month, also in the U.K. — that one in Scotland through Unproduced Moon.

Here’s a synopsis:

Two lowly circus workers try to figure out what to do with an elephant dies. An absurdist look at how the economy works. Cast: Two males. Running time: Ten minutes.

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