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Book now for ‘Red Moon Rising in The East’

Red Moon Rising in the East – Press Release

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. We typically hear the story of the space race from the American side. There was, however, another side – the Russian side. My play RED MOON RISING IN THE EAST is a one-man show based on the true story of Sergei Korolev, the father of Soviet space program. The script has been produced four times before previously and earned good review. A magazine in Duluth, Minnesota called it a “tour de force” and “masterful story-telling.”

I have lined up Roanoke actor Gary Reid, who has recently been touring his own one-man show, “A Life of Sorrow,” based on bluegrass musician Carter Stanley. We are now in the process of trying to book enough shows this summer to make the project viable. Here’s our flyer.

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Video: “Red Moon Rising in the East” at Alley Stage

Alley Stage in Mineral Point, Wisconsin produced my one-man show about the Soviet space program, “Red Moon Rising in the East,” in July 2009.

I’ve just now gotten the video, which is posted in five parts here.

Alley Stage produced the entire show; theatres in Norfolk, Va., and Duluth, Minnesota produced it as a long one-act.

You may not have time to watch the whole thing, but check out the awesome set!

* Still photos from the Alley Stage production, July 2009.
* Photos from the 40th Street Stage Production in Norfolk, Va., July 2009. More photos here and here.
* Poster for the 40th Street Stage Production in Roanoke, Va., August 2009.
* Review from the Duluth Playhouse production, November 2010.
* Photos from the Duluth Playhouse production, November 2010.
* Poster for the Duluth Playhouse production.

That same month, it was also produced at 40th Street Stage in Norfolk, Virginia.  Photos from that here.

The other videos are below: Read the rest of this entry »

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“Sweets to the Sweet” to be produced in Chicago in September

The Gorilla Tango Theatre in Chicago will produce my full-length script “Sweets to the Sweet” in September at its Skokie theatre in the Windy City’s suburbs.

If the name of the show sounds familiar, it’s because it comes from Shakespeare. Specifically, Hamlet.

This is my re-telling of the tale — cast in the modern-day, and with the genders reversed.

Or, as my synopsis says:

This is the female version of Hamlet. It’s the basic Hamlet story, transported to a modern setting and with all the genders reversed. So Hamlet becomes Hamlette, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern become Rosie and Gilda, Claudius becomes Claudia, and so forth. Instead of being set in a castle in Denmark, this version is set in a suburban home — and opens at a slumber party instead of the nightwatch. And, of course, it’s told in modern language. Otherwise, everything’s here — the skull, the gravediggers, the poisoned swords, the climactic sword fight. And, because the genders are reversed, this script gives women a rare opportunity for a swordfight on stage. If you’ve ever wanted to stage Hamlet, but didn’t think the cast or audience would get the language, or that you didn’t have enough men, here’s the solution. Cast size can range anywhere from 13 to 20, depending on doubling. If 13 — 11 female, 2 male. Or the cast can be expanded up to 20 — 13 female, 6 male, 1 non-gender.

Gorilla Tango reduces that to this on its website:

Lies. Murder. Sword fights. After her mother’s untimely death and her father’s remarriage to the murderer, Hamlette is looking for vengeance in this modern retelling, gender reversed version of Shakespeare’s classic tale.

Show dates are Sept. 7-8 and 14-15.

This will be done with a teen cast, which is how I envisioned the show — as something for high schools or community theatres with youth ensembles.

This will be the fifth full-length script I’ve had produced.

The others are:

* “An Old Story for New Times,” by Attic Productions, Fincastle, Virginia, November 2004.
* “Virginia’s Real,” by Cobb County Playhouse, Acworth, Georgia, July 2006.
* “Red Moon Rising in the East,” by Alley Stage, Mineral Point, Wisconsin (July 2009); 40th Street Playhouse, Norfolk, Virginia (July 2009), The Venue, Norfolk, Virginia (February 2010), and Duluth Playhouse, Duluth, Minnesota (November 2010.) You can find coverage of the Duluth show here and the Norfolk show here.)
* “57 Hours in the House of Culture,” by Studio Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia, May 2012. (You can find video and photos starting here.)

I’ve had a staged reading of another full-length script, “Klaus,” by the Hollins University Playwright’s Lab, in December 2012 in Roanoke, Virginia, and a reading of “The Ballad of Alejandro Lopez” scheduled in June in New York by the Barefoot Theatre Company. You can find video and photos from “Klaus” here.

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Review: “Red Moon Rising in the East” at The Playground, Duluth

Here’s a review of my one-man show “Red Moon Rising in The East,” which played at The Playground in Duluth, Minnesota in November 2010.

Oevre magazine in Duluth said:

Chris Nollet takes the stage in this tour-de-force one man show about Sergei Korolev, a virtual unknown in the West. But, we learn through Nollet’s masterful storytelling, that Korolev began the space race with the shot heard ’round the world: the development and launching of Sputnik.

There isn’t a moment to spare on stage in the retelling of Korolev’s precarious and deft handling of not only the Soviet Union’s space program, but also his manipulation of the Soviet power structure to get the money he needed to build his rockets. Through strategic uses of humor, some self-deprecating, which is a pleasing facet of Nollet’s acting talent, Yancey’s script takes life to educate theatre audiences about the strange bedfellows Korolev must entertain, flatter, cajole, and challenge to get what he wants: a rocket powerful enough to get to the Moon.

And also:

Odds are, if you’re not a self-avowed space geek like Chris Nollet, you may not have ever heard of this show. You can cross it off your “to-see” list of obscure stage shows now, because Red Moon Rising in the East is required course material in the space race and in a well-done one-man show.

I have photos from the Duluth production here.

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“Red Moon Rising In The East” at The Playground, Duluth, Minn.

Chris Nollet as Sergei Korolev, the mastermind of the Soviet space program. He liked to work late and eat at his desk.

Here are photos from the production of my one-man show “Red Moon Rising in the East” at The Playground in Duluth, Minnesota in November 2010.

You’ll notice more than one person in some of them. Why? Because there’s some audience interaction.

Here’s a nice review of the show. More photos below, with the entire gallery here: Read the rest of this entry »

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Poster for “Red Moon Rising in the East” in Duluth, Minnesota

Here’s part of the poster that The Playground used to promote “Red Moon Rising in the East” for its November 2010 run in Duluth, Minnesota.

This is my one-man show about Sergei Korolev, the mastermind of the Soviet space program.

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Poster for “Red Moon Rising in the East” at Studio Roanoke

Here’s the poster that was used to promote “Red Moon Rising in the East” — first at 40th Street Stage in Norfolk, then this edited version for its special run at Studio Roanoke — in summer 2009.


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