“Red Moon Rising In The East” at The Playground, Duluth, Minn.

Chris Nollet as Sergei Korolev, the mastermind of the Soviet space program. He liked to work late and eat at his desk.

Here are photos from the production of my one-man show “Red Moon Rising in the East” at The Playground in Duluth, Minnesota in November 2010.

You’ll notice more than one person in some of them. Why? Because there’s some audience interaction.

Here’s a nice review of the show. More photos below, with the entire gallery here:

A red moon rises over the Soviet missile testing range. An omen?

Korolev used capitalist means to achieve a communist goal of space flight: He gave unauthorized bonuses to productive workers.

Korolev tells how he cajoled a plied Kruschchev with drink and then asked him for more funding.

Korolev explains the mathematics behind space flight.

Korolev (played by Chris Nollet) ponders the engine problems with the Soviet moon rocket. Korolev died unexpectedly, and the engine problems never got fixed. Had he lived, would the Soviets have beaten the Americans to the moon?


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