What people say about my work

Here’s an updated list of some of the critical feedback I’ve gotten about my work — from critics, directors, and audience members on three different continents.

“I laughed so much I was sore the next day.” That’s what one patron in New Jersey had to say.

“One of the most hilarious shows we’ve done.” That’s from the director at a theatre in Ohio that produced one of my scripts.

“All-around brilliance . . . Dwayne Yancey wrote a genuinely witty and sharp script.” That’s what a theatre critic in Great Britain had to say about one of my shows.

“Blood-curdingly amazing.” That’s what one critic in Australia had to say of a show I had there.

“Beautifully structured, fascinating, and vaguely dangerous.” That’s how one New York actor described my work.

“To be honest, each time I’d open up a play and see your name attached to it, I’d get excited. You are quite a talent.” That’s what the director of a play festival in Michigan had to say.

“Zombie Christmas was an audience favorite! Your sense of humor is deadly (if I may), and people were laughing out loud at all the right spots.” That’s what the director of a play festival in Illinois had to say about my short Christmas play “A Zombie Christmas.”

“It was heartbreaking . . . I was crying through most of the show. It absolutely is a compliment that I found it heartbreaking . . . People must be carefully guided to open their hearts to new ideas. And I think your scripts do that.” That’s what an audience member in Ohio had to say about one of my dramas.

“So many of the things in this are really wonderful . . . and the audience is laughing . . . This afternoon is our last performance but I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy you wrote such a fun, relatable piece to perform.” That’s what an actress in New Jersey had to say about “Catch of the Day.”

“Loved ‘The Recruiter.’ It was a very thoughtful piece and I’m glad we were able to include it.” That’s what a producer in Houston had to say about one of my short pieces.

“It’s a brilliant script.” That’s what a director in the United Kingdom had to say.


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