Photos from ‘Peaked in High School’ in Colorado

Kassidy as Brandi, a former homecoming queen who is feeling despondent.

Hailey as Chloe, the former nerd who is now a geologist.

Katherine as Jimmy, the former homecoming king and star quarterback.

My 10-minute play PEAKED IN HIGH SCHOOL was produced December 10 at Adams State University in Colorado. In fact, I had two short plays produced at the school on that date as part of the same festival. Director Courtney Behil reports she had to make a casting change and wound up casting a woman in the role of Jimmy, the former homecoming king. Good for her. I love cross-gender casting.

Eleven years to the night after a high school homecoming, three former classmates meet by chance on a local Lover’s Leap. The homecoming queen is depressed and planning to kill herself. Poignant drama ensues. Cast: Three: Two female, one male.

More photos below:

Brandi throwing shoes off the edge of a cliff.



The cast.



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  1. #1 by Jim Roth on December 21, 2018 - 4:36 am

    Dwayne, I am having difficulty finding an email address to contact you. I had hoped to ask if a email version of your script for your funny play “On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas” as I watched the play with friends in Fountain, Colorado and knew it was amusing, but because I am deaf, did not get the whole story. I have no plans to produce the play or pass this script on to anyone else, just want the “closed caption” version so that I might enjoy your work to the fullest.

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