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Artistic director: ‘You are quite a talent!’

I recently received a very flattering rejection letter from an artistic director in a major U.S. city (major enough to have the quadfecta of sports teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL). Technically, it wasn’t a rejection letter. I’d received that earlier in the day from someone else at the theatre. But then, quite unexpectedly, I got this from the artistic director:

“You recently submitted a number of plays to our festival and I had the pleasure of reading some of them. I really enjoy your work. To be honest, each time I’d open up a play and see your name attached to it, I’d get excited. You are quite a talent! Although I won’t be directing anything for this year’s festival, I wanted you to know that if I had, I would’ve chosen your play Olga. It’s a great piece.”

The director went on to ask if she could share the script with a friend. Naturally, I said yes!

OLGA is a 10-minute play based on Olga Romanova, a civilian who came in off the street during the 2002 Moscow theatre siege — and wound up becoming the first victim. It had a staged reading in December in New York. That script is a spin-off from my full-length script about the Moscow theatre siege, 57 HOURS IN THE HOUSE OF CULTURE. More on that show here.

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Backstage graffiti from my show at Studio Roanoke

A close-up of the graffiti in the dressing room at Studio Roanoke.

At Studio Roanoke, the black box theatre in Roanoke, Va. which recently closed, the tradition was for actors and actresses to sign the wall in the dressing room — along with a key quote from the show.

Here’s the part of the wall dedicated to my show  “57 Hours in the House of Culture,”  which turned out to be the next-to-play show there. (The show was about the Moscow theatre siege of 2002.)

Kind of reminds me of the cover for The Rolling Stones’ originally wanted for their album  “Beggars Banquet.”

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