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Seattle radio station produces four more of my scripts as radio plays

Falcon Radio Theatre airs Thursday nights at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on

Falcon Radio Theatre airs Thursday nights at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on

A Seattle Internet radio station — KSPU, affiliated with Seattle Pacific University — has produced four more of my scripts as radio plays.

This is the second week in a row that Falcon Radio Theatre has done some of my work, and this time I got the whole hour.

I’m big in Seattle!

The scripts that were done  Feb. 7 were:
* “Lucy,” a one-act about the devil, that’s been previously produced in Virginia and Maine.
* “Somewhere Tonight, the Last Washington Senators’ Game Plays On,” a ten-minute play about baseball that was produced for the first time.
* “The Liberal Arts Pirates,” a five-minute piece about career counseling that was a favorite when it was first done at No Shame Theatre in Roanoke, Virginia.
* “The Secret Lives of Goldfish: Pirates!,” a five-minute piece in my series of goldfish shorts.

Here’s what Falcon Radio Theatre did last week.

You can tune in (can you still say tune in if it’s Internet radio?) on Thursday at 7 p.m. Pacific time — 10 p.m. for us East Coasters — at

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Video: “The Dead Horse” at the Liminal artspace

The Liminal artspace in Roanoke — attached to Community High School of Arts & Academics — hosts monthly readings. Most of the participants are short story writers, novelists, or poets — so my theatrical pieces there are definitely out of the ordinary.

At the most recent reading on January 24, I offered up two pieces, which were both performed by Community High School students.

Here are Joe Hart, Ashley Meador and DaQuan Saunders performing “The Dead Horse,” an absurdist piece of mine. This is the five-minute version; I’ve also developed it into a one-act, with a larger cast.

Thanks to Cara Modisett, the organizer, who helped round up the students.

And thanks to my wife, Katerina, for the unique prop. The dead horse here was first created as a Halloween costume for my son, Keith, many years ago. It’s put together so a small child (which is what Keith was then) could fit inside of it, with the body of the horse around him — a convenient way to both ride the horse, and still go trick-or-treating.

In more recent times, the horse has found new life as a theatrical prop. He first appeared in this piece at No Shame Theatre. As I told the kids when I showed it to them, “he knows his part.”

I’ll post video of the other piece, “Pandora and Schrodinger: What’s in the Box?” when it becomes available.

UPDATED: I realize the video doesn’t have a good view of the horse, since the horse is on the ground. So here’s the beast himself:

Horsie. From Halloween costume to valued stage prop as namesake of "The Dead Horse."

Horsie. From Halloween costume to valued stage prop as namesake of “The Dead Horse.”

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Five minute scripts (or shorter)

I have many, many, many five-minute scripts available, almost all of them royalty-free.

In fact, I have so many I’m not even going to attempt to list them here, or I’d spend too much time updating the site.

I take part each week in No Shame Theatre, an open mic-style venue for original performance in Roanoke, Virginia. One of the three rules there is everything must be five minutes are less. (The others are, must be original, and can’t break anything, including the law.)

As a No Shame regular since 2003, I’ve now gotten into the habit of writing a piece each week, sometimes two.

I liken it to an athlete practicing or warming up. It’s my batting practice, if you will. Some of these short pieces have since grown into longer ones — one-acts or even full-length scripts (such as “57 Hours in the House of Culture.”) Most are just happy to stay five minutes long. Some are shorter still. There’s a whole sub-category of one-minute plays (or one-page plays, as some prefer to style them.)

Many are suitable for high schools (no bad words or inappropriate themes). Others are more, um, adult in nature, shall we say. I’ve had some of each produced around the country, and around the world. Some at schools. Some at theatre camps. Some at festivals that like very short pieces.

If you’re looking for royalty-free five-minute scripts, let me know your requirements at and I can send you some that might work.

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