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Seven scripts produced in New York festival!

gi60cover_small2I had thought I was having five scripts produced in the U.S. edition of Gone in 60 Seconds, a festival of one-minute plays — one in the regular portion, four in the teen portion.

Instead, it was seven! I discovered this when the program arrived in the mail this week. The other two were part of the festival’s retrospective of earlier work.

So I had four pieces done in the #NextGen part of the festival — BOLIVIA!, THE CALL OF THE OPEN ROAD, JIMMY’S PLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION, and THREE TREES TALKING.

In the “adult” portion, there was IT’S THE COW’S FAULT, plus two that were reprised — DEEP INTO OCTOBER and THE GHOST LAMP. Details on the festival here. I also have video from the original productions of DEEP INTO OCTOBER and THE GHOST LAMP (plus video of the same script in the UK.)

Plus there were two scripts in the U.K. edition — THE CHICKEN CROSSES MADISON AVENUE and COUNTING WOLVES.

Here’s a photo: Read the rest of this entry »


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Scripts to be performed in New York and Scotland

I have good news to report:

* My one-minute play IT’S THE COW’S FAULT is among those included in this year’s “Gone in 60 Seconds Festival” of one-minute plays, to be produced June 13-15 in New York City. I’ve been thrilled to be part of this festival in the past and it’s great to be back for another year. Here are photos and video from last year’s entry, FISHING FOR MEN.Out of that, the festival producers created this short film version for a different competition. Also, last year I had three scripts in the festival’s UK version. Here are rehearsal photos from THIS IS THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING.

* Meanwhile, my 10-minute play SOMETIMES ELEPHANTS DIE STANDING UP will have be performed May 23 in Scotland by the Produced Moon company. (I’m a little uncertain whether it’s a staged reading or a full production; pretty sure it’s a staged reading. And I’m not sure whether it’s in Edinburgh or Glasgow; the company produces in both cities.) This will be my first performance of any sort in Scotland.

Here are the synopses:

Three chickens and a cow watch a chicken cross the road. Bad things happen. Cast: Four, non-gender. Running time: One minute.

Two lowly circus workers try to figure out what to do with an elephant dies. An absurdist look at how the economy works. Cast:  Two males. Running time: Ten minutes.

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Five minute scripts (or shorter)

I have many five-minute scripts available, almost all of them royalty-free and almost all (but not quite) suitable for high schools. Here’s a list (still under construction): Read the rest of this entry »

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