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Video: “Overheard” at the Liminal gallery

Since last summer, I’ve been collecting snatches of conversations that I overhear. On the street. At coffee shops. At the Waffle House.

Last week, I had a chance to make use of some of those. The theme at the regular reading at the Liminal alternative artspace in Roanoke was “found texts.” The idea was for readers to take things not meant as art and turn them into art. Some used old letters. I used 24 lines I had overheard in downtown Roanoke.

Borrowing a technique from the world of comedy improv, I cut them into 24 pieces of paper, put them in a box and then had two people — Ashley Meador and Katerina Yancey — pull out lines and create a dialogue with them.

Here’s the result.



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Video: “The Truth About Broccoli” at Liminal

Katerina Yancey and Jonah Woodstock performed a staged reading of my short piece “The Truth About Broccoli” at the monthly reading series at the Liminal alternative artspace in Roanoke.

The broccoli appeared as itself.

The theme, by the way, was “eat your words.”

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Video: “Thirty Years of Bitterness on the Tongue” at Liminal

Mike Allen and Heather Brush

Mike Allen and Heather Brush

The Liminal alternative artspace in Roanoke holds a regular reading series. The theme for this month was the Equinox, for which anything autumnal would do, we were told. Almost everybody else brought pieces about the fall and the changes of seasons.

I brought a piece about football. A very loud piece, in which Mike Allen played a high school football coach and Heather Brush was the school principal.

Here’s a photo from “Thirty Years of Bitterness On The Tongue.”

A coach attempts to motivate his high school players by making them drink vinegar — to know what the taste of defeat is like. Cast: One male, one non-gender. Running time: Five minutes.
* Staged reading at No Shame Theatre, Roanoke, Va., Sept. 4, 2010.
* Staged reading at Liminal alternative artspace, Roanoke, Va. Sept. 23, 2013.

UPDATED: And now here’s the video from the event:

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Video: “Lady Macbeth’s Lament” at Liminal alternative artspace

At the season finale for the reading series at the Liminal alternative artspace, I lucked out. Organizer Cara Modisett had multiple students interested in reading/performing, and I had multiple pieces available.

Here’s Chantel Wilson, a student at Community High School of Arts and Academics, performing a staged reading of my short piece, “Lady Macbeth’s Lament.”

This was on May 21, 2013 in Roanoke, Va.

Here’s my official description:

The ghost of Lady Macbeth laments that Shakespeare never gave her a name. Cast: One female. Running time: Three minutes.

I also explored the question of my Lady Macbeth doesn’t have a name in my one-act, “Macbeth, the Prequel.” You can find video of a production of that script here.

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Video: “The Misunderstood Muse” at Liminal alternative artspace

Eric Sutton and Ashley Meador perform a staged reading of my short piece “The Misunderstood Muse” at the Liminal alternative artspace in Roanoke, Va., on May 21, 2013.

The Liminal is attached to Community High School of Arts and Academics, where Eric and Ashley are students. The space hosts regular readings, often tied in with the school’s curriculum. This was the season finale and was an “open” reading.”

Of note: Whenever I find myself lacking an idea, I try to write a “muse” piece. Let’s just say I have a lot of “muse” pieces now!

Here’s my official description:

A muse takes offense at her writer because he’s changed her idea. They fight, she leaves and gets her revenge. All in three pages. Cast: Two — one male, one female. Running time: Three to five minutes.

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