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Video: “The Misunderstood Muse” at Liminal alternative artspace

Eric Sutton and Ashley Meador perform a staged reading of my short piece “The Misunderstood Muse” at the Liminal alternative artspace in Roanoke, Va., on May 21, 2013.

The Liminal is attached to Community High School of Arts and Academics, where Eric and Ashley are students. The space hosts regular readings, often tied in with the school’s curriculum. This was the season finale and was an “open” reading.”

Of note: Whenever I find myself lacking an idea, I try to write a “muse” piece. Let’s just say I have a lot of “muse” pieces now!

Here’s my official description:

A muse takes offense at her writer because he’s changed her idea. They fight, she leaves and gets her revenge. All in three pages. Cast: Two — one male, one female. Running time: Three to five minutes.

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