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Review: My entry in Overnight Sensations called “the best”

The big finish. Photo by Dan Smith

OVERNIGHT SENSATIONS, the annual 24-hour play project sponsored by Mill Mountain Theatre and the Hollins University Playwrights’ Lab, isn’t a competition but my entry this year got a nice review from local journalist Dan Smith:

Here’s what Dan had to say about my piece in his review on the night’s performance:

“There were many notable moments and accomplishments, not the least of which was Dwayne Yancey’s fall-down funny “The Denmark County Barbershop Quartet Presents …,” wherein an oddball quartet gets by singing about disasters. This is, I think, the first musical I’ve seen in the 11 Overnight Sensations and the crew (Reilly Lincavicks, Michael Mansfield, Erica Musyt, J.P. Powell, Chris Shepard and Ally Thomas) carried if off beautifully. I thought it was the best of all the plays last night.”


* How the process unfolds

* Rehearsal photos


* More photos by other photographers

* Lots more photos here.


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“Just Another Day At The Office” wins a prize

An unexpected award.

An unexpected surprise arrived in the mail recently: My one-act play JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE won top honors at an April festival of staged readings in Middleburg, Virginia sponsored by Shakespeare In The Burg.

Here’s video of the actual reading.

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Praise for “The Face on Mars” in London

In May, Horatio Theatre in London, UK produced my short play THE FACE ON MARS as part of a three-day festival of short science fiction plays. Here’s a note from the producer:

“Courtney Larkin tackled the bottomless depths of Dwayne Yancey’s imaginative and sharp script, and made it into a clean, dry, and twisted piece of wonderful stagecraft. It was uncomfortably funny, and it perfectly mirrored many of the things we hate about the world around us. The twist, unexpected as it was, was sold to perfection by Lindsey Huebner and Martin Lomas. After watching them, I really want to know more about that martian civilisation, that society that disappeared millions of years before we even existed.”

The script was previously produced in Connecticut. No photos from London but do have some from Connecticut.

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Review: Shakespeare Oz likes “This Rose Has Thorns”

The con men con the constable. Photo by Duane Wheare.

The website Shakespeare Oz has a nice review of “This Rose Has Thorns,” which ran April 5-7 in Melbourne, Australia.

There’s also a Q&A with actor Sam Corr, who plays Toby.


* Photos from the show

* Meet the cast and crew

* Rehearsal photos

* Photos from first read-through

* New poster for THIS ROSE HAS THORNS

* First round of posters

* Cast list for the show

* Amazing audition poster

* First international production of a full-length script announced

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Review: “Clever bit of historical whimsy”

My 10-minute play SOMEWHERE TONIGHT, THE WASHINGTON SENATORS’ LAST GAME PLAYS ON — now playing at the Garfield Center in Chestertown, Maryland — got a nice mention in a review in the Chesterown Spy.

The full link is here but these are the key passages:

“Jim Landskroener plays a baseball fan who’s been arrested for breaking and entering by a local cop, played by Paul Cambardella. The fan unfolds his story, revealing how the legacy of the woeful Senators last game – which was interrupted in the 9th inning by fans rushing the field to grab souvenirs – lingers on. It’s a clever bit of historical whimsy, and Landskroener does his usual fine job of bringing the character to life.”


“My particular favorites this year were “Singing in the Shower,” “The Philosophy of Dogs” and “The Last Washington Senators’ Game,” along with “Rosa’s Eulogy” from the one-minute plays, but others may be more to your taste.”

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“The Picture Window” wins first place in North Carolina

Just got word that my play THE PICTURE WINDOW won first play at the recent festival of ten-minute plays held by The Storefront Theatre in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The judging was done by a panel of judges.

That was the fourth time the script was on stage:

An old woman’s front window is shattered by a baseball. For her, it’s time to go get the instructions her late husband left her. There’s something special waiting for the kid who could hit a baseball that far. A poignant story about old age and regrets – and baseball. Cast: Three – one male two females.
* Produced at North Park Playwright’s Festival, San Diego, California, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2016.
* Staged reading at Readers Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles, California, January 25, 2017.
* Produced at Greenbrier Valley Theatre, Lewisburg, West Virginia, Feb. 2-4, 2017.
* Staged reading at Storefront Theatre, Waxhaw, North Carolina, March 4-5, 2017.

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Fan mail from New Jersey

Today, I got this fan mail from an actress in New Jersey who recently appeared in one of my plays:


“I am playing Lois in “Catch of the Day” at Old Library Theatre in Fair Lawn, NJ and it has been such a great experience. So many of the things in this are really wonderful (I especially enjoy doing the telephone scene and the part where Edwin and I are nose to nose arguing over the poison fish) and the audience is laughing (of course not always in the same places). This afternoon is our last performance but I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy you wrote such a fun, relatable piece to perform.”

More feedback here.


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