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Video: Somewhere Tonight, The Last Washington Senators’ Game Plays On

Keith Thompson directed this script of mine at the Short Attention Span Festival in Chestertown, Maryland, June-July 2017.

The last game the Washington Senators played – in 1971 – ended in a forfeit, when fans ran out onto the field and one of them stole first base. Now, on the night before a new Washington baseball team takes the field in 2005, the man who stole that base is trying to return it, and gets arrested. He tries to explain to the cop why the base is haunted. Cast: Two males.


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“The Picture Window” wins first place in North Carolina

Just got word that my play THE PICTURE WINDOW won first play at the recent festival of ten-minute plays held by The Storefront Theatre in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The judging was done by a panel of judges.

That was the fourth time the script was on stage:

An old woman’s front window is shattered by a baseball. For her, it’s time to go get the instructions her late husband left her. There’s something special waiting for the kid who could hit a baseball that far. A poignant story about old age and regrets – and baseball. Cast: Three – one male two females.
* Produced at North Park Playwright’s Festival, San Diego, California, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2016.
* Staged reading at Readers Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles, California, January 25, 2017.
* Produced at Greenbrier Valley Theatre, Lewisburg, West Virginia, Feb. 2-4, 2017.
* Staged reading at Storefront Theatre, Waxhaw, North Carolina, March 4-5, 2017.

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“The Sky Is Falling” to be produced in Minnesota

My ten-minute play THE SKY IS FALLING will be produced July 16 in Mankato, Minnesota.

This will be part of the Picnic in the Park Local Talent Variety Show, an annual event which this year includes: “New to Picnic is a “Youth Training Workshop” where youth, ages 11-18, can explore all aspects of produucing a short, 10-minute play.Experienced adult mentors from Merely Players Community Theatre (Seth Rausch, Breanna Boyce) and Mankato Mosaic Theatre Company (Jen Potocnik) will work with these youth.”

This production came completely out of the blue. Usually I go submitting scripts to theaters. Here, one came to me. Program director Elaine Hardwick asked some local theaters for appropriate scripts; one of them was a place where I had submitted . . . and so she contacted me.

This will be the second production for this script:


Two squirrels conduct an experiment, dropping things off a powerline. The result: Chicken Little gets hit on the head and thinks the sky is falling. Comedy — and a rap song — ensue. Cast: Five – 1 male, 1 female, 3 non-gender. Running time: Ten minutes.
* Produced by Piano Fight Productions, Marin County, California, September 2014.

I never got any photos from the previous production but do have this publicity photo.

So far in 2015: Read the rest of this entry »

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