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“The Picture Window” wins first place in North Carolina

Just got word that my play THE PICTURE WINDOW won first play at the recent festival of ten-minute plays held by The Storefront Theatre in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The judging was done by a panel of judges.

That was the fourth time the script was on stage:

An old woman’s front window is shattered by a baseball. For her, it’s time to go get the instructions her late husband left her. There’s something special waiting for the kid who could hit a baseball that far. A poignant story about old age and regrets – and baseball. Cast: Three – one male two females.
* Produced at North Park Playwright’s Festival, San Diego, California, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2016.
* Staged reading at Readers Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles, California, January 25, 2017.
* Produced at Greenbrier Valley Theatre, Lewisburg, West Virginia, Feb. 2-4, 2017.
* Staged reading at Storefront Theatre, Waxhaw, North Carolina, March 4-5, 2017.

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