Final list of awards for “One Word Macbeth” in Australia

The awesome poster.

The awesome poster.

Got this email today from the producer of my show THE ONE-WORD MACBETH, which Pop Culture Theatre in Melbourne has produced in various festivals this past few months in the Victorian Drama League:

Dear Dwayne,

I thought that I would do an email to you to just give you a final summing up of how we went with your piece One Word Macbeth.

I know that Bruce has been keeping you in the loop, but just so you can see it all at once in terms of awards:

Foster One Act Play Festival:
Best Production

Kyenton One Act Play Festival:
Runner up best production
Best youth actress (Madeline Hardie)
Best youth ensemble
Best clarity and diction (Chelsea Hyde)

Mt Players One Act Play Festival:
Victorian Drama League Most Promising Performer (Laura Marmion)
Youth Encouragement Award (ensemble)

In addition to the awards above they were also nominated for Best Production at Mt Players, and the adjudicator wanted to nominate them at Kyenton for Best Production by the youth are not allowed to be considered for senior awards. (Yes we are still trying to work out how he awarded them runner up in the youth, but wanted to put them into the seniors!!)

I know that you have mentioned a couple of times about the number of the cast, so just for your own records here is how it can work with 5 performers:

Witch one, Lady Macbeth, Messenger for MacDuff – Chelsea Hyde

Witch two, Guard one, Macduff, Murderer one – Josie Hardie

Witch three, Duncan, Murderer two, Messenger for Macbeth – Alicia Henry

Macbeth – Madeline Hardie

Banquo, Guard two – Laura Marmion

The costumes for all but Macbeth were just one simple thing to show the character – Banquo for example had a tartan sash.

Macbeth was a full costume.

There was lots and lots of running for the cast!

We are filming the showcase performance and we will get you a copy of it, so you can see for yourself how we did it.

Thank you for allowing us to perform your work, thank you for taking the chance and allowing us to do it with not only youth but five of them. We had hoped to get one more performance of this production in competition but the festival declined the entry in favour of an adult one. The organizer of the festival has a history of refusing youth entries and even though the girls have nearly won against adults, she deemed once again that youth are not of a sufficient level of skill to be considered. (Even though OWM kicked the ass of their adult plays at every festival!!)

You work inspired the girls to learn Macbeth, to ask questions about Shakespeare and to suddenly bring the words of the Bard to life to them because it wasn’t just sitting in class and reading. It was a fantastic tool to teach them the importance of words and inflection, a very important lesson that they will now carry with them through their performing lives.

Yours faithfully

John Jennings

There’s one more performance of the show — October 17 at the Knox Community Theatre in Bayswater, Victoria.

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