More awards for “One Word Macbeth” in Australia

The awesome poster.

The awesome poster.

The Australian production of my script THE ONE-WORD MACBETH continues to rack up awards as it makes its way through the spring circuit (it’s spring to them) of the Victorian Drama League festivals.

Here’s what the folks with Pop Culture Theatre had to say about Kyneton’s 59th Festival of One Act Plays:

It’s always a pleasure travelling to Kyneton for their One Act Play festival, amidst the Spring weather and the plenitudes of daffodils everywhere. This year the festival returned to the beloved Bluestone Theatre, host to so many wonderful plays in the past, and 2015 was no exception. Thank you to everyone for such a lovely time!

Kyneton also saw the final festival performance of our youth performers in “One Word Macbeth”. And as a final parting shot, they earned themselves a nice batch of awards!

Clarity of Speech and Projection: Chelsea Hyde (“One Word Macbeth”)
Best Ensemble Work: “One Word Macbeth”
Best Actress: Madeline Hardie (“One Word Macbeth”)
Runner-Up Best Play: “One Word Macbeth”

There’s one more performance of the show — October 17 at the Knox Community Theatre in Bayswater, Victoria.

* ONE WORD MACBETH wins another award in Australia
* Photos from THE ONE WORD MACBETH in Australia
* THE ONE-WORD MACBETH to be produced in Australia


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