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Video: “God and the Devil Settle a Contract Dispute”

I have a series of short pieces that I call my “God and the Devil” series. In each one, the Almighty and the Evil One interact in some humorous (I hope) way with the Supreme Being always giving Ol’ Scratch his comeuppance at the end.

In April, Mike Allen (who makes a very good devil) and T.J. Anderson performed “God and the Devil Settle a Contract Dispute” at a reading at the Liminal alternative artspace in Roanoke. The theme that evening was on humanity and divinity.

I also have:

* Video of “God and the Devil Debate the Issues” (with Mike Allen again appearing as Satan)
* Video of “God and the Devil Meet for a Business Lunch”

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Video: “The Cherry Tree Near Loos” at Liminal gallery

Here’s another video I’m a little late in posting. The Liminal gallery in Roanoke, Va. hosts periodic readings, often in conjunction with an exhibit or classwork at Community High School, the private school with which it is associated.

On March 27, 2012, the theme was “place.” Community High School student Sahar Babi read my monologue “The Cherry Tree Near Loos.”

It’s a true story that I came across in reading once about World War I. A British soldier was killed in a tree in no man’s land, and the only way the British could retrieve his body was to bombard the tree.

I’m indebted to Cara Modisett, who organizes the readings, for finding someone to read the piece.

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