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Rehearsal photos from ‘The One-Word Odyssey’

Director Tyler Olsen-Highness shares these rehearsal photos from THE ONE-WORD ODYSSEY at Great River School in St. Paul, Minnesota. The show was supposed to be Feb. 1-2 but the polar vortex has pushed it to Feb. 8-9.

Odysseus himself?

Holding up the storm.

Something’s happening here but I don’t know what it is.

And then there’s this.

The story of the Odyssey, more or less, in which each line consists of just a single word. Ideal for a class project. Includes monsters and a talking hamburger. Cast: As few as 18 — 9 males, 3 females, 6 non-gender — or as many as 33 — 17 males, 7 females, 9 non-gender. Running time: One hour.

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Photo from “The Angel Tree” in Hollywood

Stacy Ann Raposa of Actors Workout Studio in North Hollywood, California shares this photo from my one-act THE ANGEL TREE, one of three of my scripts that were produced there in December 2017.

Photo courtesy of Stacy Ann Raposa


* Photos of the theatre

* Poster and set photo

And here’s a photo from when the show was done at Showtimers in Roanoke, Virginia in 2014.

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“It’s Real To Me” in New Jersey

From the program.

My one-act IT’S REAL TO ME was produced June 1-4 at Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, New Jersey.

A doctor devises a way to transplant memories from one person to another. It’s a form of therapy, a way to give one person’s surplus happy memories to those who have suffer from depression or some traumatic incident. But when one woman gets a memory transplant to overcome her depression, something goes wrong. She wakes up with a memory of killing someone. It’s a repressed memory that the donor had given away. A dark, serious piece. Cast: Nine: Four female, one male, four non-gender. With option of adding a tenth, non-gender, character with two lines. Running time: 30 minutes.


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Poster and set-up photos from “Curiosity Killed The Cat” in Texas

The show poster

Red Revue Review in Clarksville, Texas produced my one-act CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT May 5-6, 2017. Here’s the show poster, and photos from the set-up below: Read the rest of this entry »


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More photos from “Nursery Crimes” in Utah

The dish ran away with the spoon and guess who got left behind?

Here are some more incredible photos from the production of my one-act NURSERY CRIMES at Esk-Dale High School in Millard County, Utah. Photos by Brandi Ericksmoen Roberts.  Here’s the previous installment of photos.

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“The Tale of the Whale” to be produced in Virginia

My one-act THE TALE OF THE WHALE will be produced August 6 by Historic North Theatre in Danville, Virginia as the product of the theatre’s summer camp.

This will be the first production of this script. This also makes for a trifecta: That weekend, I will have three different scripts being produced in three different states — THE TALE OF THE WHALE in Virginia, THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES in Maryland and DEATH BY POINSETTIA in Rhode Island.


A whale washes up on the beach. The town’s mayor is determined to remove it before the town’s annual festival begins. Complications, and comedy, ensue. Very loosely based on the true story where an Oregon town tried to blow up a beached whale in the 1970s, with disastrous results. Think blubber raining down from the skies. Cast: 9 — 4 male, 3 female, 1 non-gender adult, 1 non-gender kid. With doubling, you could reduce it to a cast of 8 – 4 male, 3 female, 1 non-gender kid.

So far in 2016:

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