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Video: “The Black Market of Memories” in Chicago

Otherworld Theatre in Chicago produced my script THE BLACK MARKET OF MEMORIES as part of the Paragon festival of science fiction plays on August 22. Here’s the video.

It was one of two of my scripts in the show; the other was THE SANDSTORM.

A young woman wakes up in a strange place — and discovers she’s had her memories stolen. Now that doctors have devised a way to transplant memories, there’s a lively market for memories — and a black market of stolen ones. The woman shares a recovery room with another woman, who specializes in “customizing” memories — doing things for rich donors that they’d never do themselves, but would like to remember doing. A dark, serious piece, which is carried primarily by the two women; the other characters appear only intermittently. Cast: Five — one male, two female, two non-gender. Running time: Twenty five minutes.
* Produced by End Times Productions, New York, N.Y., July 2011.
* Produced by Otherworld Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, August 2015.

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