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Photos from “Famous People Killed by Animals” at Michigan State

Here’s an odd little script of mine: FAMOUS PEOPLE KILLED BY ANIMALS. It’s an one-act about a suburban costume party in which each person comes dressed as, well, um, a famous person killed by an animal.

The characters:
* Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen and the host of the party.
* Jezebel, the Biblical harlot queen.
* Gallito, a famous Spanish bullfighter and the husband of Jezebel at this party.
* Aeschylus, the Greek playwright and the husband of Cleopatra at this party. He finds the whole thing ridiculous; he just wants to sit and watch football on TV.

Michigan State University produced the script in October 2017 and these photos from director Brandon Niemi look spectacular:

The party.

Gallito and Cleopatra.

Check out the snakes.

Oh, yeah, bad things happen.

You can find the full gallery of photos here.


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Video promo for “Famous People Killed By Animals”

My one-act FAMOUS PEOPLE KILLED BY ANIMALS is being produced at Michigan State University. Here’s the video promo for the show.

A suburban costume party goes wrong. The theme is “famous people killed by animals.” Unfortunately, the animals show up, as well. Comically absurd. Cast: Four — two male, two female. Running time: About 15 minutes.

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