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“Putting The Fair In The Tooth Fairy” in Houston

Annie Wild as the key and Ty K. Fisher as the tooth fairy.

My short script PUTTING THE FAIR IN THE TOOTH FAIRY is in the annual Cone Man Running Festival at the Beacon Theatre in Houston. Here’s what it looks like.

A child who has just lost a tooth confronts the tooth fairy with a baseball bat — and finds the tooth fairy is a large, hairy man. The child wonders why he hasn’t gotten as much money for his teeth as other kids have. Cast: Three — 1 male, 1 female, 1 child. Running time: Five minutes.
* Staged reading at No Shame Theatre at Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke, Va. , November 2005.
* Staged reading at Attic Productions New Year’s Eve Party, Fincastle, Va., December 2005.
* Staged reading at The Best of No Shame Theatre at Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke, Va., March 2006.
* Produced by North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe, San Diego, California, October 2006.
* Performed at Kevin Jones Performing Arts Studio summer acting camp showcase, Roanoke, Va. July 14, 2007.


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Video of “The Recruiter” in Houston

My five-minute piece THE RECRUITER was produced in Houston Nov. 9-19, 2016 as part of the 2016 Five Minute Mile Play Festival by Cone Man Running Productions at the Obsidian Theatre. Here’s the video. Earlier I posted some rehearsal photos.

A scene about gender discrimination in college sports. A college recruiter shows up at a rural school asking about a particular football player; oblivious to the softball player banging home runs in batting practice. Cast: Two adult males, one teenage girl.

This is a stand-alone piece, but it’s also part of a collection of short pieces about baseball that make up my full-length play PLAY BALL! Some other individual pieces of that have been produced, as well — “Sunset in North Dakota” and “Deep Into October.”

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