Feedback from staged reading of “Exiled To Texas”

I held a staged reading of my new comedy EXILED TO TEXAS on Saturday, March 12 at the Roanoke Children’s Theatre. It’s not a children’s script, that just happened to be the venue available, thanks to the generosity of artistic director Pat Wilhelms.

I do not have any photos — well, I have some but they’re pretty blurry. But I do have this happy feedback:

I really liked it. It was a great script.
— Chris S.

A genuinely funny romp!” “Lively and unpredictable!” Srsly, I enjoyed it very much. Well done, sir!
— Scott C.

Thank you, Mr Yancey, for another hilarious script! Thoroughly enjoyable. Great job to the cast & fabulous director, Linsee Lewis! We had a great time.
— Heather S.

Thank you for caping off wife’s birthday with fun time!
— Robert T.

A teen-age Russian chess prodigy is sent, against her will, on an exchange trip to a small town in Texas, which hasn’t had a girl born there in the past twenty years. Svetlana is immediately drafted to serve as cheerleader for a football team that has never won a game. Meanwhile, her big sister back in Moscow runs an Internet scam for mail-order brides. East meets west, and comedy ensues. Cast: Six – five female, one male.

Director: Linsee Lewis
Cee Cee: Wendy Neuman
Dee Dee: Carolyn Ziegler
Anya, aka, Naughty Natasha: Kelly Anglim
Svetlana: Emma Sala
Gypsy Jane: Beverly Amsler
Coach: Owen Merritt

Stage directions: Aisha Mitchell


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