“One of the most hilarious shows we’ve done”

I got an email this week from a community theatre in Ohio that produced my Christmas one-act THE FRUITCAKE a few years ago (it’s published through Brooklyn, by the way).

“It was one of the most hilarious shows we’ve done,” the director told me — and then proceeded to ask about other scripts I might have.

I can now add that to this list of reviews:

“I laughed so much I was sore the next day.” That’s what one patron of my latest show – in New Jersey – had to say.

“All-around brilliance . . . Dwayne Yancey wrote a genuinely witty and sharp script.” That’s what a theatre critic in Great Britain had to say about one of my shows.

“Blood-curdingly amazing.” That’s what one critic in Australia had to say of a show I had there last summer (last winter for them).

“Beautifully structured, fascinating, and vaguely dangerous.” That’s how one New York actor described my work.

“To be honest, each time I’d open up a play and see your name attached to it, I’d get excited. You are quite a talent.” That’s what the director of a play festival in Michigan had to say.



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