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Photo gallery from “Red Moon Rising in the East” at 40th Street Stage


Red Moon Rising in the East, a set on Flickr.

Here is a slide show from from “Red Moon Rising in the East” at 40th Street Stage in Norfolk, Va in summer 2009 .Bill Armstrong portrayed Sergei Korolev in my one-man show about the Soviet space program.

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Full-length scripts

Here’s a complete list of my full-length scripts.

All can be produced with minimal staging.

All are available directly from me, except for
* “Fairweather Friends,” which is available through Eldridge Plays and Musicals
* “The Hurleyburg Twirling Society,” which is available through Rebel Belle Publishing.
* “The Armadillo Queen,” “The Cactus Rustlers,” “Exchange of Gifts” and “Rhonda’s High-Class Roadkill Chili,” which are available through Norman Maine / Big Dog Plays.

The list: Read the rest of this entry »

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