List of 2020 productions

Here’s a list of my scheduled productions for 2019:

1. Jan. 24-25: HAMLET ON SPRING BREAK (one-act), South County High School, Lorton, Virginia.
2. Jan. 25., Feb. 2, Feb. 12, Feb. 20: THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET (ten-minute), The Secret Theatre, New York.
3-5: Feb. 6-8: THERE’S A REASON WHY THEY CALL IT FALLING (one-act), TROUBLESHOOTING (ten-minute), THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET (ten-minute), South Walton One-Act Festival, South Walton High School, South Walton Florida.
6: Feb. 6-8: JENNA AND HER PRIZE-WINNING PIG CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY (one-act), Milwaukie High School, Milwaukie, Oregon.
7. March 11-15: THE CURIOUS CASE OF JOCKSTRAP MALONE (one-act), New Ideas Festival, Alumnae Theatre, Toronto, Canada.
8. March 28-29: THE SECRET LIFE OF PHONES (ten-minute), Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble, Brentwood, California.
9: April 2-4, 10-11: THE ARMADILLO QUEEN (full-length), Fountain Community Theater, Fountain, Colorado.
10: April 23-34: THE SANDSTORM (ten-minute), Paris Junior College, Paris, Texas. (Postponed, possibly until August)
11-13. April 25: THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE (ten-minut e), CHEF PIERRE DOES NOT DO SIMPLE (ten-minute), THE UNOPENED VALENTINE (ten-minute), Danniella DiClaudio and Friends, Charleroi, Pennsylvania.
14-17: May 15-17: THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES, CHEF PIERRE DOES NOT SO SIMPLE, WAITING ON THE 10:15, THE SECRET LIFE OF PHONES (all ten-minute), Acting Out Theatre Club and Efflugent Productions, Bedford, Virginia.
18-19: May 28-June 13: SAGUARO and THE VIKING FUNERAL OF HAROLD OLAFSON (five minutes), Cone Man Running festival, Houston, Texas. (Postponed; new date TBA)
20: TBA: THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES (ten-minute), Summit Academy, Xenia, Ohio.

Date TBA: RHONDA’S HIGH-CLASS ROADKILL CHILI (full-length), J. Tucker, Hayfork, California


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