Photos from my work in Kitchener, Ontario

Once again, one of my short pieces was performed in the annual Asphalt Jungle Shorts festival in Kitchener, Ontario. This is a walking tour festival where the audience is led around downtown and short pieces of live theatre break out at various points. This year my piece was THE GOVERNMENT’S SECRET TIME TRAVEL PROJECT EXPOSED. It was directed by festival founder Paddy Gillard-Bentley and performed by Mason Miceveski.

First we see a man clad in black running down the street.

Next he shows up outside a store, ranting about how he’s found the answer. But to what?

Finally, we see him again outside a parking deck, near a small park.

Indeed, he does have it all figured out.

He proceeds to explain how the government’s top secret time travel project works.

Because, you know, conspiracy theories.

Here are my previous productions at this festival:

2018: “The Contact Lens” (no photos available)
2017: “A Small Problem Down The Street”
2015: “Three Trees Talking” and “The Weakest Finger”
2014: “Can I?”
2013: “Requiem for a Buzzard” — and a reprise
2009: “A Nice, Relaxing Cup of Tea”


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