2018: 72 productions and 7 readings in 6 countries

UPDATED! In 2018: I had at least 72 productions and 7 staged readings in 5 countries: Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China (Hong Kong), Great Britain and the United States. That’s a record number of productions and included my first international production of a full-length script (in Australia) and my first production in Cameroon (of a one-act). That number of productions may rise because one of my publishers is always very slow in reporting.

Most of those were shorts, but that list did include two productions of full-length scripts — THIS ROSE HAS THORNS by BustCo in Melbourne, Australia and ON THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS by Fountain Community Theater in Fountain, Colorado. That, by the way, was the third production of that script. I also had one staged reading of a full-length: REVENGE OF THE FAIRY QUEEN at the Bower Center in Bedford, Virginia.

Other milestones: My most frequently-produced script is the one-act THE FRUITCAKE, published through Brooklyn Publishers. The script had its 51st and 52nd productions in 2018 and has a 53rd scheduled for early 2019.

My most frequently-produced script in 2018 was the short play THE CELLPHONES OF THE DEAD, which was produced at least seven times (and maybe more) because it was included in a collection of gun-related plays which got a lot of productions in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

You can see the complete list of my 2018 productions here and an up-to-date list of my 2019 productions here.

Here’s the production report for 2017.



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