List of 2019 productions

Here’s a list of my scheduled productions for 2019:

* 1. January 18: THE FRUITCAKE (one-act), Midway Independent School District, Woodway, Texas.
* 2. January 19: Staged reading of THREE POSSUMS AT THE BAR (one-minute), No Shame Theatre, Charlottesville, Virginia.
* 3. Feb. 8-9: THE ONE-WORD ODYSSEY (long one-act), Great River School, St. Paul, Minnesota.
* 4. Feb. 21: JENNA AND HER PRIZE-WINNING PIG CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY (one-act), Leo Adams Middle School, Haslet, Texas.
* 5. March 1: THE ONE-WORD MACBETH (one-act), North Caroline High School Drama Club, Ridgely, Maryland.
* 6. March 10: Staged reading of VERONICA’S DOLLS (one-act), by Piccione Arts, Dramatists Guild Foundation, New York.
* 7. April 4: HIT THE BOOKS (one-act), Marysville Unified School, Marysville, California.
* 8-11. April 7: DEEP INTO OCTOBER, FIREBALLER, THE GHOST LAMP and THE UNIFORM (one-minute), Babylon Arts Council, Lindenhurst, New York.
* 12. April 25: MACBETH GOES HOLLYWOOD (long one-act), Clay County High School, Clay County, West Virginia.
* 13-18. April 25-28: DEANNA DUPES THE DEVIL, THE FERRYMAN AND THE THIEF, LETTERS FROM THE MONA LISA, MY SUMMER AS A MERMAID, THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS and VERONICA’S DOLLS (most about ten-minutes), Paris Junior College, Paris, Texas. (Of note: This is a festival of 12 short plays; half of which are mine.)
* 19. April 26: THE CELLPHONES OF THE DEAD (short play), part of a #CodeRed production of short plays about guns, Mystic Vision Players, Linden, New Jersey.
* 20. April 26-28: Staged reading of THE RING (one-act), Geneva Theatre Guild, Geneva, New York.
* 21. April 27-28, May 3-4, May 24-26: Staged reading of THE RING (one-act), The Itinerant Theatre, Lake Charles, Louisiana.
* 22. May 1: THE GRAMMAR POLICE (short play), Play With Your Food, Mankato, Minnesota.
* 23. May 3-5, 10-12: CHEF PIERRE DOES NOT DO SIMPLE (ten-minute play), KMC Onstage Studio Shows, Kaiserslautern, Germany.
* 24. May 23: CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT (one-act), Summit Academy, Xenia, Ohio.
* 25: May 30: HOW TO SUMMON A DEMON (one-minute), Gi60 Gone in 60 Seconds Festival, Leeds, Great Britain.
* 26. June 2: THE CONTACT LENS (ten-minute), Danniella DiClaudio and Friends, Charleroi, Pennsylvania.
* 27. June 21-22, 38-30, July 5-7, 12-13: THAT PLAY ABOUT THE GURGLING MUD PIT (ten-minute), The 10-10 New Plays Festival, Chagrin Valley Little Theatre, Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
* 28: July 6: TBA, invited writer at Overnight Sensations, 24-hour play festival by Hollins University and Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke, Virginia.
* 29: July 19-21: THE SECRET LIFE OF PHONES (ten-minute), Dover Players, North Olmstead, Ohio.
* 30: August 15-17: THE DEBATE AT BOSWORTH FIELD (ten-minute play), Fight Like A Girl Festival, Manchester, Great Britain.
* 31: November TBA: THE ONE-WORD CHRISTMAS CAROL (one-act), Attic Productions, Fincastle, Virginia.
* 32: December, various dates: EXCHANGE OF GIFTS (full-length), touring production by 57 Hours Productions, Fincastle, Virginia.


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