Meet the cast and crew of “This Rose Has Thorns”

Here’s who’s who in the world premiere of THIS ROSE HAS THORNS, April 5-7, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. Photos by Joka Photography.

Ashlee Lambton as Rose, who sets off to rescue her boyfriend from the Tower of Lond.

Bianca Heard as Lily, the sister who reluctantly goes along to rescue her boyfriend, as well.

More below!

Sam Corr as Toby, a con man.

Michael Young as Percy, another con man.

Melanie Thoren as Phoebe, the lovestruck servant to Lady Edwina.

Tia Hogan as the imperious and puritanical Lady Edwina.

Jordan McGowan as Mayor Diddlespoon, who has his eyes on Lady Edwina even as Phoebe has his eyes on him. Love triangle!

Anna-Jean Bala as Morgan, a mysterious knight sent to retrieve Rose and Lily.

Lucia Kelly as Mistress Slowly, who runs the tavern.

Nick Sidari as the constable.

Rachel Lawrence as Mad Mary, who lives on roots.

Richard Ung as Robert, one of the boyfriends.

Rayhan Maskun as William, another of the boyfriends.

The crew. Top row: Lucas Beyer,Tom Montgomerie, Matthew Carcassi
Bottom row: Jennifer Howell, Monique Lautier, Deborah Whitaker

Director John Jennings.

Assistant director Alex Wadds.

Assistant director Robert Lawrence.


* Rehearsal photos

* Photos from first read-through

* New poster for THIS ROSE HAS THORNS

* First round of posters

* Cast list for the show

* Amazing audition poster

* First international production of a full-length script announced


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