Photos from “Death by Poinsettia” in Maryland

Silver Spring Stage in Silver Spring, Maryland (Washington suburbs) produced my one-act DEATH BY POINSETTIA August 18-20. Here are some photos.

A lonely woman tries to commit suicide at Christmas by eating a poinsettia, and broadcasting it via webcam.

She invited all her co-workers to a party, knowing they wouldn’t show up. But the nerdiest one did. He also knows something she doesn’t: Poinsettias aren’t really poisonous.

He also brought mistletoe. Love happens, reluctantly.

Theatre is that-a-way.

This was the third production of the script.

A lonely woman tries to kill herself at Christmas by eating a poinsettia, convinced the plant is poisonous. It’s not, though. A male co-worker shows up and a touching scene ensues. Cast: Two – one male, one female.
* Produced at Studio C, Hollywood, California, December 2015.
* Produced by Artists Exchange, Cranston, Rhode Island, August 2016.
* Produced by Silver Spring Stage, Silver Spring, Maryland, August 2017.


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