Staged reading of “Virginia’s Real” in Virginia

The cast. Director Kerry Plank is second from the left. Brigid DePalma (center, in purple) played the title role.

Eleven years after it was first produced, my play VIRGINIA’S REAL came back to life with a staged reading at Attic Productions in Fincastle, Virginia on March 4, 2017.

A Southern family is divided over what to do with the family farm when the patriarch retires. The drama focuses on the farmer’s youngest daughter, a waitress and single mom named Virginia, who is eager to subdivide the farm as a way to make her fortune. Her goal is complicated by the prospect
of a new highway going through the neighborhood – and the discovery of Civil War artifacts on the site. The story deals with a variety of universal themes, but also many topical references, from urbanization of rural areas, the preservation of historical sites, and NASCAR. Cast : 11 – 4 adult females, 3 adult males, 4 female children (two teens, two pre-teens), and one off-stage voice which can be either male or female. Set requirements: Minimal, although at various points you’ll need to create some aspects of a
kitchen and a diner.
• Finalist, Shenandoah International Playwrights, Staunton, Va., 2004.
* Produced by Cobb Playhouse, Acworth, Ga., July 2006.
* Staged reading at Attic Productions, Fincastle, Va, March 2017.

Below are two rehearsal photos:

Georgia Weiman (right), played Velma, the mother. Sienna,Charlotte and Kaya played the young Victoria, Virginia and Valerie.

Georgia Weiman (left) with her on-stage granddaughter. Mikayla played Veronica.


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