Two new staged readings in Indiana and California

I have two new staged readings to report.

The one-act JILL AND THE BEANSTALK had a reading at the Mitchell Community Public Library in Mitchell, Indiana on Feb. 25.

The five-minute piece LARRY’S LATEST PLAN TO GET OUT OF YARDWORK had a reading on Feb. 24 by Readers Theatre Repertory in Los Angeles.

Jill’s science project results in a beanstalk through the school’s ceiling. Comedy and chaos ensue, along with a goose that lays golden eggs, a harp that plays itself and, perhaps, even a rumor of a giant. Cast: Seven — 3 male, 3 female, 1 non-gender. Running time: Twenty minutes.

I’m not sure which version of LARRY’S was done. Here’s a description of both:

It’s spring, time to start mowing the yard, and Larry has cooked up a plan to get out of the chore. He’s bought some canaries, and plans to paint them to look like a rare species, which he’ll then release — in hopes the government will declare his backyard a protected habitat. Cast: Two males. Running time: Five minutes.

A man decides to get out of the chore of mowing his yard by buying a herd of goats for the front yard. His wife confronts him and comedy ensues. Cast: Two — one male, one female. Running time: Five minutes.
• Produced by Kevin Jones Performing Arts Studio camp, Roanoke, Va., June 2009.

Here’s my list of readings and productions year-to-date:

So far in 2016:
* January 2: Staged reading of RHONDA’S HIGH-CLASS ROADKILL CHILI (full-length) at Showtimers, Roanoke, Virginia.
* January 28: MAC AND BETH (one-act), Cascade Christian Schools, Puyallup, Washington.
* January 30: HIT THE BOOKS (one-act), Greater Sioux Falls Home Schools, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
* Feb 5: Staged reading of THE BEAUTIFUL OGRE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES (ten-minute plays) as radio play before live audience, Hoosier Hometown Live, Mitchell, Indiana.
* Feb. 12: JIMMY’S PLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION (one-minute play), Curiosi-Tea House, Mankato, Minnesota.
* Feb. 24: Staged reading of LARRY’S PLAN TO GET OUT OF DOING YARDWORK (five-minute), Readers Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles.
* Feb. 25: Staged reading of JILL AND THE BEANSTALK (one-act), Mitchell Community Public Library, Mitchell, Indiana.


* March 12: Staged reading of EXILED TO TEXAS, Roanoke Children’s Theatre, Roanoke, Virginia.
* March 19: Staged reading of 57 HOURS IN THE HOUSE OF CULTURE, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia.
* March 19: Staged reading of PIECE OF CAKE (five-minute piece), Talif Productions, Theatre Momentum Pendulum Space, Chicago.
* May 7-8: LETTERS FROM THE MONA LISA (ten-minute play), Jewel Box Theatre, Poulsbo, Washington.


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