Review: “I laughed so much I was sore the next day!!!”

Someone going by the name NJJUDI — presumably New Jersey Judi — has posted this review on Trip Advisor about my play ON THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS, now playing at First Avenue Playhouse in Atlantic Highlands.

It appears under the headline: “I laughed so much I was sore the next day!!!” (And yes, she really did include three exclamation marks!!!)

I have been visiting the First Avenue Playhouse in the Atlantic Highlands for 5 years now. Last Saturday, I saw one of the funniest ever. Called “The 13th Day of Christmas” it is a hysterical show about gift giving gone “ballistic”, as the director Dave McGrath says in the program. Come when the door open, a little before 8 pm, have dessert and coffee, make friends with other folks at your table, and be prepared to laugh and laugh. The hysterics begin as the show open, and continues until the very ( and surprising” end. The cast is made up of such talented local actors who are giving their all to entertain you. Make sure you see it. We have already suggested it as a fun night out to friends. We don’t have children but boy would they love it.

Here’s some background on the show below:

* Second batch of video
* Production photos!
* First batch of video from ON THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS
* Rehearsal photos from the stage.
* Rehearsal photos from the table reads; all the rehearsal photos here.
* Show dates and times.
* Cast photo from previous production in Oregon.
* Oregon director calls play “a true gem.”

A wild, action-packed Christmas farce. A young woman suddenly finds herself receiving the gifts from the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” apparently from an unknown suitor. The play begins on the thirteenth day as she copes with the chaos outside her apartment, as neighbors demand she do something about the noisy birds and pipers and drummers. The woman hatches a plan to shoot the birds and organize the people into an impromptu Christmas parade. Chaos ensues. Cast: 13 — 7f, 3m, 3 non-gender.


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