“The Ring” takes second place in audience vote at Wisconsin festival

My one-act, THE RING, took second place in the audience vote at the annual one-act festival put on by The Haylofters in Burlington, Wisconsin.

Thanks, Wisconsites!

THE RING is one of several sports plays for women I have. (The full-length SOFTBALL IS LIFE is another, so is the one-act POWDER PUFF, about football, along with several baseball-themed pieces that run about five minutes or less.)

Sixty years after a close call in a state championship girls basketball game, the star of the losing team still can’t reconcile herself to losing — so she breaks into the home of the star player on the winning team, hoping to steal her championship ring. A poignant story about regrets and sportsmanship. Cast: Two senior females.

A five-minute version of this script is being performed later this month at the Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York. Here’s some background on the origin of both scripts.

Last year, I had two scripts take first place in audience votes at festivals. FOLLOW THE MONEY: A MODERN FAIRY TALE took the prize at the New Voice Play Festival in Charles Town, West Virginia while  A WOMAN’S WORD VERSUS A MACHINE won an audience vote at the Subversive Theatre in Buffalo, New York.



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